Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Adds Over 20 Cars

Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Adds Over 20 Cars

Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Adds Over 20 Cars

Not only did we find out the first Forza Motorsport multiplayer details in August’s Forza Monthly stream, but Playground Games also revealed the next Forza Horizon 5 Series. Starting this week, Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive is bringing back four iconic Italian brands.

With over 20 cars coming in the next few weeks, Italian Automotive is one of the biggest Forza Horizon 5 series updates yet in terms of car numbers.

Welcome back Stellantis

Over the next four weeks, Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive is adding a whopping 23 cars – the biggest number ever added in a single month.

Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Lancias
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Eight of these are prize cars for completing challenges in the Italian Automotive Festival Playlists, while another eight are being added to the Autoshow. The remaining seven are reserved for a premium DLC pack.

Notably, Italian Automotive marks the long-awaited return of four iconic Italian car brands: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth, and Lancia. Owned by Stellantis, these Italian manufacturers have mysteriously vanished from racing games in recent years, despite appearing in Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Autoshow cars
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Eight Stellantis cars are returning from previous Forza games. These cars will be available to buy from the Autoshow when the Italian Automotive series starts:

  • 1968 Abarth 595 Esseesse
  • 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
  • 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2
  • 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA Stradale
  • 1980 Fiat 124 Sport Spider
  • 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO
  • 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale

A further eight are prize cars for winning Festival Playlist challenges:

  • 1992 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4
  • 1986 Lancia Delta S4
  • 2016 Abarth 695 Biposto
  • 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C
  • 1980 Abarth Fiat 131
  • 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
  • 2017 Abarth 124 Spider
  • 1982 Lancia 037 Stradale

Italian Exotics Car Pack

Additionally, a new car pack will release alongside the Italian Automotive update. The Italian Exotics Car Pack adds seven new-to-Forza cars:

  • 2023 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica
  • 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB
  • 2020 Ferrari Roma
  • 2020 Lamborghini Essenza SCV12
  • 2020 Lamborghini SC20
  • 2019 Italdesign DaVinci Concept
  • 2018 Lamborghini #63 Squadra Corse Huracán Super Trofeo Evo
Forza Horizon 5 Italian Exotics Car Pack
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Available on 15 August, the Italian Exotics Car Pack will cost £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 on the Microsoft Store or via Steam. It’s worth noting this DLC pack isn’t included with the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.

Italian Automotive playlist reward cars

As the name suggests, the Italian Automotive series celebrates Italy’s finest cars. As such, the reward cars are Italian themed.

Forza Horizon 5 Italian Automotive Playlist reward cars
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As for the Season Progress cars, earning 80 points will hand you the keys to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ can be added to your collection. The Ferrari F12TR can also be yours for 160 points.

Here’s a rundown of each season:


Starting with the Summer wet season, the season progress cars are the Alfa Romeo 155 (20 points) and Lancia Delta S4 (40 points). Other reward cars up for grabs this season include the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA Stradale (also available to buy in the Autoshow), Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Diablo SV, and 2018 Ferrari Portofino.

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Moving onto Autumn, the Season Progress cars are the 2016 Abarth 695 (20 points) and Alfa Romeo 4C (40 points). Like in Summer, one of the new Autoshow cars is a festival playlist reward: the 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale. You can also collect the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini LM 002, and Ferrari 812 Superfast by winning challenges.


Winter’s season features the Abarth 131 (20 points) and Alfa Romeo 8C (40 points) as season progress cars. Continuing the Italian theme, you can also win the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Ferrari 458 Italia, Maserati GT-S and Lamborghini Huracan Performante.


Finally, Spring’s Season Progress rewards are the 2017 Abarth 124 (20 points) and Lancia 037 (40 points). Prancing Horse fans can win the Ferrari 365 GTB4 and Ferrari F355. Other reward cars this season include the Maserati Levante and Lamborghini Huracan.

Italian Automotive patch notes

As with every Forza Horizon 5 series update, Italian Automotive brings an array of game fixes and quality-of-life improvements including increased garage sizes.

Here's a summary of the issues fixed in the update, but you can find out more in the full Italian Automotive patch notes here.

  • Increased the total garage size from 1,000 to 2,000 cars.
  • You can now save up to 1,000 tunes and 1,000 liveries, up from 600 each.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auction House where sometimes last-minute bid extensions were not functioning correctly
  • Fixed different issues regarding drivatars and videoclips not working as intended in Icons of Speed
  • Fixed an issue with Seasonal EventLab were blueprints downloads and usage were not getting counted correctly when participating in Coop/PvP modes
  • Seasonal Playground Games King Mode had a total time of 10 minutes instead of 8
  • Fixed different issues with car decorations and elements (stickers, colors, parts, among others) were not being shown as intended
  • [PC] Improvements made to some unusual long loading times particularly on Windows Store PC clients before the start of the game window
  • [PC] Improvements made to some instances where the game client was becoming unresponsive after launching the game
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where the unlocked framerate option would be hidden when enabling DLSS and Resolution Scaling options

Horizon Creatives teased

On top of revealing the Italian Automotive update, Playground Games teased that September’s series is called Horizon Creatives.

Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Creatives teaser
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Starting on 14 September, Horizon Creatives will bring “new community-requested improvements to EventLab” along with new EventLab props, collectables, and cars.

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