Forza Motorsport: Will the next-gen title be coming to Xbox One as well?

Forza Motorsport is shaping up to be a next-gen powerhouse for the Xbox Series X and S.

With phenomenal graphics, awesome sound and a plethora of vehicles, it looks amazing.

However, will owners of the last-gen Xbox One be able to play? Let's take a look and see if the title could come to last-gen also.

Latest News

We are yet to hear anymore news concerning the platform that Forza Motorsport will be on.

Turn 10 have been particularly quiet for a while now, most certainly hard at work on our beloved yet-to-be released title.

However, it is more than likely that Xbox One owners will be disappointed. Read on to see our reasoning behind this!

Forza Motorsport

Unfortunately, we don't know an awful lot about the game itself. In fact, we don't even have a release date.

forza motorsport
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VISUALS: The game is stunning on next-gen consoles!

This is what leads people to question the title coming to last-gen consoles, as it hasn't been made a next-gen exclusive yet.

The game will run at 4K 60fps on the Series X with ray tracing enabled. It's fair to say the game will undoubtedly look stunning.

Whilst rumours seem to suggest that the game is going down the less is more route when it comes to number of cars, said cars will be expertly recreated in-game.

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is more than capable of the game's high requirements to run as intended.

ForzaMotorsport7 cars
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SELECTION: Forza Motorsport has a less is more approach to vehicles!

The console runs many other games at 4k 60fps and even 120fps in certain titles.

The console launched earlier this year to rave reviews, and didn't suffer many of the launch woes that the PS5 did.

Forza on Xbox One?

So, will the title be heading to last-gen? Unfortunately, we don't think so.

Gran Turismo 7 is confirmed as only being available on the PS5, Polyphony Digital preferring to not downgrade their title for last-gen hardware.

Forza Motorsport 4K
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RAY-TRACING: The next-gen console has ray tracing capabilities!

The same will likely be true with Forza Motorsport. Many aspects of the game would have to be downgraded in order to run well on the last-gen console.

Similarly, having Forza Motorsport as an Xbox Series X exclusive will help drive sales for the new console.

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