Turn 10 Responds to Forza Motorsport Launch Issues, Patch Update Coming Soon

Forza Motorsport Patch Update Coming Soon As Turn 10 Responds to Launch Issues

Forza Motorsport Patch Update Coming Soon As Turn 10 Responds to Launch Issues

Forza Motorsport has had a rocky launch, with several bugs and glitches frustrating fans. This isn’t the level of polish players expect from a triple-A Microsoft title. After the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition launched over a week ago, players are still waiting for the first major patch update to arrive.

In a community update, Turn 10 has addressed Forza Motorsport’s myriad of issues, confirming that a patch update will bring quality-of-life fixes and stability improvements this week.

Update: the Forza Motorsport 1.0 patch update is out now. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Turn 10 Responds to Forza Motorsport launch issues

“We’ve been reading your feedback and listening to your concerns. Forza Motorsport has been designed to be a racing platform that will change and adapt over time," Turn 10 wrote in a community update blog post.

"This includes tweaks to the gameplay systems, features and quality of life improvements, as well as new content that will be introduced every month.”

Forza Motorsport patch update coming soon
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Forza Motorsport’s launch has been plagued with numerous bugs and glitches. One of the most severe bugs is corrupting save files, causing players to lose career save progress and, in some cases, preventing access to the game.

A gamma glitch is also causing the visuals to look washed out. For PC players, the livery editor is using up to 99% of the graphics card’s processing power. Players are also reporting game crashes and achievement glitches.

First Forza Motorsport patch update coming this week

Since Forza Motorsport launched last week, “the team has continued developing new fixes and is committed to ongoing improvements” according to Turn 10. Some of these will be released this week in an overdue Forza Motorsport patch update.

Turn 10 hasn’t confirmed when it will arrive, but it should drop in a few days. Forza Motorsport’s first patch update will focus on “quality of life and stability issues.”

Forza Motorsport patch update
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Turn 10 added: "While this first update focuses on quality of life and stability issues, we look forward to continuing to listen to, and evaluate, our players' feedback in future updates.”

"Thanks to all our players for being part of the Forza Motorsport community and for your continued support and patience. We will keep you updated on when those changes start to roll out."

Hopefully, this week’s Forza Motorsport patch update will fix the bugs and glitches players are experiencing. A Forza Motorsport known issues list shows that Turn 10 has identified 16 stability issues alone, so most of these will hopefully be fixed in the patch.

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