Forza Motorsport's Livery Editor is Killing Players' PCs

Forza Motorsport editor killing PCs

Forza Motorsport editor killing PCs

Forza Motorsport takes photorealism to a whole new level. With incredibly detailed tracks and cars, intelligent AI Drivatars, and a fully realised dynamic weather and day-night cycle, you’d expect the on-track action to be resource-heavy on your PC. However, it’s an entirely different part of Forza Motorsport that will hog your graphics card.

Forza Motorsport’s livery editor is killing PCs

Many Forza Motorsport PC players are reporting that the game’s livery editor is maxing out their graphics cards. Some players are even saying that using the editor uses more resources than actually racing.

According to a post on X (formerly Twitter) by user ForzaLiveryGuy, Forza Motorsport’s editor can use up to 99% of the graphics card’s processing power to render the editor, with all backgrounds also rendered when in the editor. This is similar to Forza Motorsport 7’s livery editor, where players also reported the editor crashing due to excess rendering.

This seems to be the cause of the issue, which is then exacerbated by players selecting multiple livery layers for their car designs. Rendering the full backgrounds, plus hundreds of vector-based layers, maxes out the graphics usage and causes major stuttering issues.

There is a way to bypass using Forza Motorsport’s editor but still create custom liveries. Players are using Forza Horizon 5 to create custom liveries, before importing those designs into Forza Motorsport. This does avoid using the editor but leaves players limited when it comes to car choice.

At the time of writing, this issue does not appear to affect Forza Motorsport players on Xbox Series X|S.

The editor isn’t the only issue affecting Forza Motorsport players right now.

Forza Motorsport players losing career progress

A game-breaking bug has been found in Forza Motorsport, causing many players to lose their career progress.

Players are reporting being stuck on a loading screen after buying or upgrading a car. Forcing a restart on the game then causes players to lose their career progress.

Forza Motorsport game-breaking bug
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The bug also corrupts the save file, effectively rendering the game unplayable. This is because the save becomes desynced from Forza Motorsport’s cloud service, meaning that save can never be opened. With no way to delete this save file, the game then becomes stuck.

This issue isn’t affecting everyone, with some players being able to repeat races to recover their lost progress, but for those affected this is a pretty bad bug.

We’re hoping both this issue and the editor problems will be resolved with a day one patch, but at the time of writing this is yet to be released.

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