Forza Motorsport Players Losing Career Progress in Game-Breaking Bug

Forza Motorsport Players Discover Game-Breaking Bug

Forza Motorsport Players Discover Game-Breaking Bug

After Forza Motorsport hit early access last week, early adopters have discovered a game-breaking bug.

Forza Motorsport officially launches tomorrow, 10 October, but those who pre-ordered the Premium Edition have enjoyed early access since 5 October. Unfortunately, it’s been a bumpy road for some players.

A thread on the official Forza Motorsport forum is filled with frustrated players reporting a serious bug causing career progress to be lost.

"I don't know how the game can be released in its current state"

Some players report getting stuck on a loading screen on PC and Xbox Series X after upgrading or buying a new car. Career progress is then lost when returning to the game after restarting.

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“Every time you upgrade a car or purchase a new car, there is a chance the game will enter an infinite loading screen, and there is no error handling or timeout. The game will just hang there indefinitely. And you are forced to restart the game, which will cause you to lose your career progress,” a frustrated player wrote on Reddit.

Even worse, some players report that the bug corrupts the save file, essentially rendering the game unplayable.

“Once this happens, you will not be able to progress in the game because the saves are now desynced or corrupted (in case you didn't know, and they didn't say - this game is always online and your saves are on the cloud)."

"There is no way to delete your save so when this bug happens, you are pretty much stuck. This is a severe bug, and it is very frustrating. I don't know how the game can be released in its current state.”

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This seemingly isn't affecting everyone, as some players are reporting losing progress but can still repeat races. It’s frustrating for players who have lost hours of career progress.

Forza Motorsport has been in development for six years and is one of this year's biggest game releases, so you would expect better quality control. A fix has yet to be released at the time of writing. Hopefully, Turn 10 can release a patch for tomorrow’s launch that fixes this game-breaking glitch.

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