Frustrated Forza Motorsport Players Demanding Apology From Turn 10

Frustrated Forza Motorsport Fans Demand Apology From Turn 10

Frustrated Forza Motorsport Fans Demand Apology From Turn 10

Turn 10 started 2024 with a message to the community addressing the current state of Forza Motorsport and responding to the game’s biggest criticisms. A lengthy community post highlights three key areas the studio will focus on improving over the coming months: car progression, race regulations, and AI behaviour.

However, the statement hasn’t gone down well with the Forza community, with several players venting their frustration online about Turn 10’s lack of apology and roadmap for resolving Forza Motorsport’s biggest issues.

Turn 10 responds to Forza Motorsport’s biggest criticisms

Regarding car progression, Turn 10 admitted that the system “isn’t delivering the upgrade experience” that players “expect from Forza Motorsport” and is "exploring changes to the system."

However, Turn 10 acknowledged it will "take some time to properly evaluate options, make the necessary code changes, and thoroughly test those code changes."

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In addition, Turn 10 acknowledged players are getting “inconsistent or unfair penalties” in online multiplayer sessions. To combat this, Turn 10 says it will be “working with some long-time competitive Motorsport players to gather direct telemetry from them while they’re playing” and “feeding data to our team so that we can issue tweaks to make FRR more accurate and reliable.”

Finally, Turn 10 said that addressing the aggressive AI is one of the “top priorities in early 2024.” But some fans aren’t satisfied with the statement and are calling Turn 10 to apologise for releasing the game in a buggy state with missing features.

“No proper apology”

“All this wait for this. What a joke. 3 points that are half assed and no proper apology,” said ToastedFork on Reddit. “No apologies on misleading players with the announcement trailer and the game delivery,” esmori added, referring to the downgraded graphics in the final game compared to the announcement trailer.

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Meanwhile, RoundaboutCrownVic criticised Turn 10 for “using extremely fluffy wordage to tiptoe around the fact they completely beefed it. How about an apology?”

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Some players also complained that other reported issues in Forza Motorsport weren’t mentioned in the statement. “No mention of returning social features, PC performance issues, or apologising for a misleading marketing campaign either,” Bfife22 wrote.

LJITimate added: Basically acknowledging a very limited pool of the games biggest issues, making them sound a lot less severe than they are, and not even explaining their plans to address these issues other than 'we're working on it.'"
It’s clear that making significant changes to the game mechanics, like the AI and car progression, will take a long time, but some players are losing patience three months after launch.

We're hoping Turn 10 can turn the game around, but there’s a consensus from the community that it will be too little too late by the time Forza Motorsport’s most pertinent issues are fixed: "This game will be dead before these things are fixed," Bfife22 wrote.

"AI fixes could come in a month or in December but they are dreaming if they think players are gonna sit idly by waiting for drip feed content," added crasy8s.

Do you think Turn 10 owes Forza fans an apology? Let us know in the comments below.

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