Where is De Otro Mundo in Forza Horizon 5?

This location not only holds a Barn Find but is also key to the latest Festival Playlist, but where is De Otro Mundo in Forza Horizon 5?

Where is De Otro Mundo in Forza Horizon 5?

De Otro Mundo means otherworldly or out of this world, and that's a very accurate way of describing this part of the map!

The region is found on the west coast of Forza Horizon 5's map, between the two huge agriculture circles and near the golf course.

There is also a Barn Find here, so if you haven't grabbed it yet you can get yourself a free Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck.

De Otro Mundo in Forza Horizon 5
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To complete the FORDzathon Summer Photo Challenge you just need to snap yourself in the 1965 Ford Transit in the De Orto Mundo area. Easy!

FORDzathon Summer

The new Series is all about Ford, and the FORDzathon Summer Festival Playlist is full of American power for you to win.

The Series Progress cars are the MG6 XPower (80 points) and the horribly appropriate Hoonicorn V2 (160 points).

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For this week though, you can win the Renault Megan RS 250 (20 points) and Ford Dually Hot Wheels (40 points).

There are another four cars to win this week, all of them Fords. There the fearsome Ford Mustang S5 for completing The Trial, and then the trio of Seasonal Championships award you the Ford Falcon '15, #5 Escort '77 and the wonderful Ford Capri Mk1.

There are also a couple of Super Wheelspins to earn as well.

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