Best Gran Turismo 7 rewards after Update 1.11

Update 1.11 has landed in Gran Turismo 7 and delivered a huge injection of cash into players' wallets.

As a result, the best credit-earning options have completely changed.

These are the events & races with the best rewards right now!

30 minutes of Le Mans

The biggest prize comes for completing 30 minutes, or about 7-8 laps, of a Le Mans race.

Winning the race gets you a cool 550,000 credits. With a clean race bonus that goes up to 825,000.

That's quite the return, and much nicer than endless laps of Fisherman's Ranch!

This race does get impacted by weather, so be ready with your intermediate tyres, but if you can stick it out on slicks you'll do better.

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You should be aiming to pit twice for fuel, and we've found that a Gr.4 car will get you better mpg than going for a Gr.3 beast, while road cars just don't have the fuel tank to compete here.

Just be wary of the track limits here. The boundary isn't always obvious at Le Mans, and the stewards are not lenient! Too many penalties will ruin your rate of return on this race.

Tokyo Express

This 12-lap race has a 600 PP cap and carries the same reward as the Le Mans race. It might be tougher though.

Wall collisions come at a huge five-second penalty EACH, and as the race starts in damp conditions it is easy to overcook a corner entry.

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Run on the East Clockwise course, you'll need to pick your car carefully. We found that tuning down race cars isn't the best option, as they can lack the necessary grunt on the straights. Instead, the stalwart GTO Twin Turbo '91 served us well in this race.

Alternatively, there is also a tuning exploit that lets you enter the insane Tomahawk X VGT (the fastest car in Gran Turismo 7) in this race. With this exploit, you can earn over 3 million credits an hour!

Daytona delight

While not carrying the next strongest reward (that is at Sardenga road) it's tough to beat Daytona for sheer enjoyment, so we are throwing it in.

The 10-lap GT Cup Gr.3 race carries a 200,000 credit first place prize, which goes to 300k with the clean race bonus.

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It is listed at four chillis so could be hard to win, but throwing a Gr.3 car around Daytona is one of the best things in GT7, which makes grinding the race all the better!

Circuit Experience

If you really want to rake in the cash though, Circuit Experience is for you. Polyphony has added rewards for All Bronze and All Gold at every track, giving you the chance for a one-off windfall of cash.

Small tracks like Kyoto Driving Park Miyabi carry a 360,000 credit reward for All Gold, while circuits like Interlagos go up to 1.2 million.

You can even earn 6 million credits for just 20 minutes of driving. All you need to do is get gold across every sector around the Nordschleife. Easy right?!

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