Best Gran Turismo 7 credit grind: Earn over 3 million credits per hour with the Tomahawk X VGT

Since update 1.11 deployed, credit rewards in Gran Turismo 7 have increased significantly following fan backlash. Update 1.11 also added new events with huge credit rewards. One of the best new events for farming credits is the Tokyo Express World Touring Car 600.

This event has a 600 PP cap, but a user on GTPlanet has discovered an exploit that lets you enter the fastest car in Gran Turismo 7. With this exploit, you can farm credits in Gran Turismo 7 fast.

How to get the Dodge Tomahawk X VGT

First, you need to buy the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT. In Brand Central, select the America region and head to the Dodge dealership. Here, you’ll then find the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT. There are four Dodge Tomahawks, so make sure you select the right one.

Gran Turismo 7 Dodge SRT Tomahawk X
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The Dodge SRT Tomahawk X costs 1 million credits

It costs one million credits, so it isn’t cheap. But if you haven’t already spent the 1 million-credit reward Polyphony gifted to everyone as an apology for server downtime, you should be able to afford it. Plus, you’ll make the money back in no time at all with this exploit.

Normally, you can't enter VGT cars in this event. Happily, however, a user on GTPlanet has found a way to nerf the Tomahawk X, bringing it below 600 PP.

Tuning the Dodge Tomahawk X

Once you’ve bought the Tomahawk X, you’ll need to buy some parts from the Tuning Shop and create a custom tune to make it eligible. Here are the parts you need to get:

Club Sports Category

  • Power restrictor

Racing Category

  • Racing Hard tyres
  • Fully customisable racing transmission

Make sure you have Racing Hard tyres fitted. When tuning the Tomahawk X, navigate to ECU and select Output Adjustment. Lower the output from 100 to 90 percent. Under Performance Adjustment, change the Power Restrictor from 100 to 90 percent and increase the Ballast to 3.

Gran Turismo 7 Tomahawk X VGT tuning settings
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These tuning settings will bring the Tomahawk X VGT below 600 PP

You’ll then need to install the fully customisable racing transmission. Go to Transmission, and select the Customisable Racing Transmission.

In the Transmission section, open the Manual Adjustment settings and adjust the values as follows:

  • 1st – 9.619 / 41 kmh
  • 2nd – 9.186 / 43 kmh
  • 3rd – 8.673 / 45 kmh
  • 4th – 1.410 / 281 kmh
  • 5th – 0.880 / 451 kmh
  • 6th – 0.840 / 472 kmh
  • 7th – 0.687 / 598 kmh
  • Final – 5.130
  • Top Speed Auto – 580 kmh

This takes some trial and error, as the gear ratios will sometimes reset after changing them.

Set the final gear to 5.130 first, then max out the third and second gear. Do the same for the first gear, and you can then max out the third gear at a higher value. Keep repeating these steps until every gear ratio is set at the above values.

With these settings, the Tomahawk X’s PP value dips below 600, making it eligible for the WTC600 race at Tokyo Expressway.

While the latest update has revised GT7's PP system, a Reddit user has confirmed the Tomahawk X VGT PP glitch still works after installing update 1.13. You may need to tweak your original tuning settings to the correct settings listed above, however.

Tokyo Express World Touring Car 600

This 12-lap race offers huge rewards. Winning the race rewards you with 550,000 credits. This increases to 825,000 with a Clean Race Bonus.

Normally, this event takes around 25 minutes to complete, but it takes around 15 minutes in the Tomahawk X. With a Clean Race Bonus, you can earn up to 3.1 million credits per hour using this method.

Gran Turismo 7 Tomahawk X VGT
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With a whopping 2,586 hp, the Tomahawk X VGT is a handful to drive

With a whopping 2,586 hp and weighing only 749kg, it’s the fastest car in Gran Turismo 7 by a significant margin, capable of reaching 370 mph with no tuning. Thanks to its active aero and insane power, the Tomahawk X VGT is a handful to drive. The race has a harsh five-second collision penalty and wet conditions, so getting a Clean Race Bonus won’t be easy.

It’s possible that Polyphony will remove the exploit in a future patch, so take advantage of this credit farming exploit while you still can.

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