Luxury Fashion House Bulgari Has Designed a Car for Gran Turismo

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo Teased Before 3 December Reveal

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo Teased Before 3 December Reveal

It turns out that not one but two Vision Gran Turismo cars will be revealed this weekend. After Genesis previewed its new Vision GT car last week, a second concept has been teased ahead of the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Final. However, this Vision GT car doesn’t come from a car manufacturer, but from luxury fashion house Bulgari in an expected collaboration.

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo Teased

Bulgari is an Italian luxury fashion house best known for its opulent jewellery, watches, fragrances, and accessories. Although the brand isn’t normally associated with the motoring industry, Bulgari has partnered with manufacturers to produce limited edition watches inspired by the Maserati GranSport, GranLusso, and Fiat 500e according to GTPlanet.

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo
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Incidentally, Bulgari will present a new automotive-themed special-edition watch called the BVLGARI Aluminium x Gran Turismo.

Bulgari’s Vision GT will be the first car designed by the luxury fashion house. While the concept has yet to be revealed, a teaser video gives us a sneak peek at the sleek design.

From the profile, the Bulgari Vision GT sports an open cockpit, aggressive wheel arches, and a low-slung design with a retro-looking wedge shape. A row of 11 slim headlights adorns the front, while prominent “Aluminium” lettering can be seen on the lower side next to Bulgari’s logo.

Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo
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Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo reveal date

Exactly what Powers the Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo is unknown, but we’ll find out later this week. Bulgari will unveil its first-ever Vision GT car during the World Series Manufacturers Cup Grand Final on 3 December. It should then arrive in Gran Turismo 7 soon after.

It took around a month for Ferrari’s Vision GT car to launch in GT7 after its announcement, but players could get early access by correctly answering a question in a World Finals "Viewers Gift" campaign. It’s possible the Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo will be a prize car for next week’s Weekly Challenges alongside the Genesis Vision GT.

Otherwise, expect the Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo to sell for several million credits, so you'll need to do some serious credit grinding to afford it.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Vision Gran Turismo program. Since then, over 30 manufacturers have collaborated to design weird and wonderful concept cars, from Bugatti and most recently Ferrari McLaren’s Vision GT even made it to production in the form of the McLaren Solus GT single-seater hypercar.

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