This is the Most Expensive Gran Turismo Car Ever

Bulgari Vision GT is the Most Expensive Gran Turismo Car Ever

Bulgari Vision GT is the Most Expensive Gran Turismo Car Ever

Last weekend’s World Series Finals hosted the unveiling of not one but two Vision Gran Turismo concepts heading to GT7. For the uninitiated, the Vision GT programme invites designers from real car manufacturers to create fictitious concept cars for the Gran Turismo games. Most stay fictional, but one exception is the McLaren Vision GT, which went into production as the McLaren Solus GT.

One of the Vision GT cars comes from a familiar name in the automotive industry: Genesis, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai. The other comes from the Italian fashion house Bulgari, a company renowned for making watches, jewellery, and fragrances instead of cars.

Bulgari Vision GT revealed at World Series Final

Revealed to a sold-out audience at the World Series Finals, the Bulgari Vision GT marks the fashion house’s first foray into car design, with a life-size model presented at the World Series Finals in Barcelona.

Built in collaboration with Bulgari’s product creation executive director Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani and Italian car designer Fabio Filippini, the Bulgari Vision GT takes the form of a roofless two-seater.

Bulgari Vision GT World Series Finals
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Credit: Gran Turismo TV

The dramatic design incorporates a slim light strip at the front, a low-slung body, and a retractable rear wing. Inside, a Bulgari clock adorns the centre of the dashboard, surrounded by gauges inspired by Bulgari’s prestigious watches. 

Weighing in at 1,000 kg, the Bulgari Vision GT incorporates a mid-mounted, inline-four-cylinder engine rated at 394hp, sent to the rear wheels according to OverTake.GG.

Unsurprisingly, the Bulgari Vision GT isn’t intended for production, but select players can drive it virtually in Gran Turismo 7. Vision GT cars are usually released in Gran Turismo games in free updates. That’s not the case here though.

Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch costs over £4,000

Instead, the Bulgari Vision GT is only available to those who buy the limited-edition Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch, sold with a black or yellow face. The face features fonts inspired by Gran Turismo and a prominent number 10 marking the tenth anniversary of Vision GT.

Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch
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Credit: Bulgari

Only 500 black and 1,200 yellow units will be made, each retailing for an eye-watering £4,490/€5,200. That makes the Bulgari Vision Gran Turismo the most expensive car in Gran Turismo's 26-year history.

If you were hoping to buy one, we’re afraid you’re too late – the limited-edition watch was only available for 24 hours on 3 December.

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