Dallara SF23 Super Formula could be coming to Gran Turismo 7

As the top-level Formula motor racing series in Japan, Super Formula is Japan’s answer to Formula 1. Since Gran Turismo Sport, players have been able to race official Super Formula cars in Gran Turismo.

The Dallara SF19 was introduced in Gran Turismo Sport in 2019 and also appears in Gran Turismo 7.

Available with either a Honda or Toyota engine, this is the only Super Formula car you can race in GT7. But that could change soon.

Super Formula teases Dallara SF23 for Gran Turismo 7

A Tweet posted on the official English Super Formula account implies the new Dallara SF23 is coming to GT7 at some point.

Earlier this year, the Super Formula Twitter page asked fans what they're hoping for in the 2023 Super Formula season. In response, a fan wished for the SF23 to be introduced in GT7.

Dallara SF23 Super Formula
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The Super Formula page replied by saying: “Are you ready? @thegranturismo,” raising fans’ hopes of taking the SF23 for a spin in GT7 soon.

A new era of Super Formula

Introduced last December, the Dallara SF23 is equipped with a revised aero package for the 2023 season including new front and rear wings (just look at that dramatic rear wing!), sidepods, and engine cover.

These enhancements lower the car’s downforce by around eight per cent Instead of carbon fibre, the bodywork is made of a bio-composite material to lower manufacturing CO2 emissions, yet retains the same rigidity and weight as carbon materials.

Dallara SF23
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With the Dallara SF23 making its competition debut on 8 April at Fuji, it may be added to GT7 in a future update early this year.

We’re expecting GT7’s next update to be revealed later this month, so we may find out more then or closer to the SF23’s competition debut in April.

If the SF23 gets added to GT7, let’s hope Polyphony adds new championships to race it in.

Every car uses the same chassis and the only Super Formula tracks missing in GT7 are Motegi and Sportsland Sugo Circuit - adding these circuits would make GT7 the next best thing to an official Super Formula game. 

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