How to get Formula 1 car in Gran Turismo 7

F1 2021 may be the official Formula 1 game, but it isn't the only video game to have F1 cars in it. Gran Turismo 7 was just released for both the PlayStation 4 and 5 and we're absolutely loving it. GT7 has a huge amount of cars and circuits to race, but how many F1 cars does it have?

While we're on the subject too, how do you unlock or find these rare racers? We've got everything you need to know right here!

No official Formula 1 cars

Despite there being Formula 1 cars in most of the previous Gran Turismo games, there aren't any in GT7. That doesn't mean to say that there aren't any cars that are like F1 cars in GT7 though.

Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019
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UNBELIEVABLY QUICK: The X2019 is one of the fastest cars in racing games

In fact, there is something that is even faster than a Grand Prix car in GT7. The mesmeric Red Bull X series is the fastest car ever envisaged. This is a concept car that boggles the mind, and the fastest of these, the X2019, is available in GT7. This is what Formula 1 cars could be like today if regulation changes never limited their speeds.

This car is equal parts terrifying and impressive. It requires a totally different approach to racing it.

Could F1 cars be added?

Gran Turismo is not a series that has a game released every year. This is far from the fact, it's not uncommon for there to be five or more years between releases. So, GT7 will receive hundreds of updates before Gran Turismo 8 is released. With that in mind, it's absolutely possible that F1 cars could be added to GT7.

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NOT THE OFFICIAL ROUTE: GT7 isn't the officially licenced Formula 1 game

After all, top brands such as Ferrari and Mercedes will want to promote their engineering excellence and history through a medium such as GT. The main sticking point here though, is that these cars could be very expensive to licence. Be sure to keep checking for every update regarding GT!

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