Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 21 March: Balancing act

With the servers back online after last week’s disruption caused by update 1.07, it’s time to go racing in Gran Turismo 7. Unlike the single-player campaign events, cash prizes in Sport Mode are unaffected by last week’s changes to the economy.

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A new set of Daily Races have arrived in Sport Mode, marking the return of Balance of Performance (BoP) from GT Sport that equalises car performance and limits setup options. Without further ado, let’s find out which events GT7 players will be tackling this week.

Race A

Tsukuba Circuit - 6 laps

Race A takes us back to Tsukuba Circuit for a six-lap race in the Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy '16. You’ll need to already own this car as it’s not available to loan for this event.

GT7 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition FK8 20 Tsukuba Circuit 02
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You’ll be racing on Comfort Soft tyres and starting from the grid. Tuning is forbidden, while fuel consumption and tyre wear is set to 1x. Balance of Performance (BoP) is enabled, meaning all cars in the same class have equal performance.

Race B

Interlagos - 5 laps

Race B takes place on the Interlagos for a five-lap race in GR.3 Garage cars.

GT7 Supra front
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A formation start race, this event is limited to Racing Hard tyres and specific tuning restrictions. BoP is also enabled, while fuel consumption and tyre wear is set to 1x.

Race C

Autopolis - 10 laps

The final event is a longer ten-lap race at the Autopolis circuit with faster Gr.4 Garage Cars.

GT7 Nissan GT R GT500 99 PENNZOIL Nismo Deep Forest Raceway 03
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This Formation Lap race is limited to Racing Hard tyres. Be aware that fuel consumption is set to 7x, while tyre wear is at 15x. Like the other two races, BoP is enabled in Race C.

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