Gran Turismo 7: Porsche Vision GT officially unveiled during GT Nations Cup

As 2021 is coming to an end, Gran Turismo 7's release date get closer and closer. We can't wait to be able to play the Real Driving Simulator for the first time on the PlayStation 5 next year. This hype has only been further intensified by the reveal of a new Vision car last night.

Speculation about this Porsche Vision car was rife, but were these rumours correct? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Thing of beauty

We already got a few glimpses of the Porsche Vision GT before last night's esports finals. The biggest visual cue we got was on the cover art for Gran Turismo 7 itself. The blue car on the box art is the Vision GT and it was heavily speculated to be that since the new Vision car was teased last month.

Now though, the cat is out of the bag and oh boy is this a beautiful car. The aim of Vision cars in GT has been to promote concept cars designed by real-world car manufacturers. No matter how realistic or unrealistic they are, they are always interesting and that's certainly the case here.

Porsche Vision GT 2
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REAL-WORLD CAR: The Vision GT is a vehicle we can see on the real-world street before too long

Porsche have made a genuine attempt to make the Vision GT sport their signature look, and they've achieved this. They've clearly taken inspiration from another of their electric vehicles, the Taycan, for the front of the car, including quad-LED headlights. Around the back, the Vision GT looks more like a 911.

A look into the future

So, it's fair to say that the Vision GT looks the part, but what about under what's under the hood? Well, things only get more impressive from there. This is a fully electric car, befitting of something that's meant to be a look into the future. As for power delivery, if it has a similar motor to the Taycan, it could have over 760 bhp to work with.

When it comes to transmission, there is a chance that there's only a single forward gear and two reverse gears. However, if you listen closely to the reveal video, it sounds like the car was shifting gear on-track.

Porsche Vision GT
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SHROUDED IN MYSTERY: We've learned a lot about the Vision GT but there's still some things we don't know

The Vision GT's chassis will probably be made from a mix of titanium and carbon fibre. This will allow for 50/50 weight distribution to aid peak performance while cornering and accelerating. We don't have an official weight figure yet, but expect this vehicle to be light.

Something else to note as well is that the Vision GT has a rear air brake that will aid with the declaration of the car. This is similar to what the Bugatti Veyron has, but we're yet to see this in action.

Porsche have gone all-out for sustainability, not only with the engine, but also the interior. The cockpit is made of entirely eco-friendly and vegan-friendly materials.

We could well get more information about the Vision GT closer to Gran Turismo 7's 4th March 2022 release date but this will more than do for now.

We've showcased some of the stills for the Porsche Vision GT in this article, but plenty of others have been revealed too. Everything from the cockpit to the HUD and the front headlights are on show here, so have a flick through if you haven't already:

Porsche Vision GT 13
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Porsche Vision GT 12
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Porsche Vision GT 11
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Porsche Vision GT 10
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Porsche Vision GT 9
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Porsche Vision GT 8
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Porsche Vision GT 7
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Porsche Vision GT 6
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Porsche Vision GT 5
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Porsche Vision GT 4
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Porsche Vision GT 3
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Full video reveal

Porsche aren't messing around when it comes to their VGT. The German car manufacturers also released a 13-minute video on their concept motor. To get even more information about the vehicle, check out the video below:

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