Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races 11 April: Welcome to Green Hell

With the launch of Gran Turismo 7, Gran Turismo Sport’s fate looked uncertain. There have been no new Daily Races in GT Sport since 14 March.

That changes today, however. For the first time in one month, new Daily Races are live in GT Sport for players who haven’t made the jump to GT7 yet. It’s not clear how long GT Sport players will need to wait for the next Daily Races to arrive, however.

Race A

Special Stage Route X – 1 lap

Race A is a simple one-lap race around Special Stage Route X in the 2006 Ford GT.

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This one-make race uses Racing Hard tyres and features a gird start. Fuel consumption and tyre wear are disabled.

Race B

Sardegna Road Track A – 4 laps

Race B takes you to Sardegna – Road Track A for a four-lap race in a Gr.4 garage car.

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Featuring a rolling start, Race B requires Racing Medium tyres. Fuel consumption and tyre wear are also disabled.

Race C

Nurburgring GP - 10 laps

Finally, Race C is based at the Nurburgring with Gr.3 cars.

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This gruelling ten-lap race is a rolling start with 1x fuel consumption and 7x tyre wear. Racing Medium or Racing Soft are permitted.

Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races 11 April

This week’s Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races are also live. Two out of three events feature GR.4 cars. Every race also has BoP restrictions, so make sure you have the best GR.4 car in Gran Turismo 7 to be completive.

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