GT Sport Update 1.65: Release date, contents, server maintenance time & more

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A new update for Gran Turismo Sport is on its way!

While drivers are jumping into the new Daily Races, it's time to get ready for a bit of server downtime and perhaps even some new content?

Let's take a look.

Update 1.65 release date

The next update for Polyphony's racer will hit on 11 May. That's tomorrow!

GT Sport Suzuka
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COMING IN HOT: Polyphony hasn't given players much notice here!

The update was announced on the News section of the official Gran Turismo site, and was as vague about the contents as ever.

Server down time

As always, there will be some time where online services like Sport Mode are not available because of this update.

The servers will be offline from 4am-6am UTC on 11 May. That's 5am-7am BST and 12am-2am EST.

New content?

Will update 1.65 have any new content for players? Unfortunately it's quite a longshot for anything new in the game.

Like the other updates this year, this is likely to be focused on Sport Mode with an eye to making sure the esports side of Gran Turismo is running smoothly. With GT Sport being used in the Virtual Olympics this year and of course the FIA Online Championship, Polyphony is making sure the game runs smoothly for those competitions.

GT Sport GR Yaris
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LONELY ROAD: New content is few and far between these days

That means there is unlikely to be anything for players like us!

There hasn't been any new content in GT Sport since the Toyota GR Yaris arrived in November 2020. At some point the Toyota GR86 should be added, as it will be used in a competition in August and drivers will need some time to practice. That is the only piece of fresh content that could appear in this update.

Other than that a few tweaks to Balance of Performance and penalties are all we should see in this one.

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