GT7 Daily Races 11 September - Alpine at Alsace

GT7 Daily Races 11 September - Alpine at Alsace

GT7 Daily Races 11 September - Alpine at Alsace

It’s Monday, and for Gran Turismo 7 players that means a new set of online GT7 Daily races to tackle. As always, there's a variety of car and track combinations to mix things up.

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This week sees you putting an agile French sports car through its paces before heading to Japan and Italy. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of GT7 Daily Races 11 September.

Race A

Alsace - Village - 3 Laps

Race A sees you take the Alpine A110 for a spin around the fictional Alsace Village circuit. This is a short three-lap race with 12 cars on track and a grid start. You’ll be racing on Sports Hard tyres.

The Alpine A110 is required for this event, but you can rent the French sports car if you don’t already own it. Its lightweight aluminium chassis makes the A110 fun and agile to drive, but it's a bit of a downgrade after last week's Race A put players behind the wheel of the Jaguar XJ220.

GT7 Daily Races 11 September Race A
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Race A has 1x fuel consumption and 1x tyre wear. Low-speed BoP is enabled for all players. This is an unranked race so your performance won't affect your driver and safety ratings.

Light mechanical damage and light shortcut penalties are enabled along with penalties for hitting other cars and pit lane cutting.

Race B

Fuji International Speedway - 4 Laps

Race A sees players head to the famous Fuji International Speedway in a four-lap race with GR.4 cars. This race sees you take on a 16-car grid with a rolling start. As for tyres, a set of Racing Hards, Intermediates, and Wets are allowed in this event.

GT7 Daily Races 11 September Race B
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Fuel consumption and tyre wear are set to 1x and mid-speed BoP tune is applied to all cars for an even playing field. Light mechanical damage is enabled along with light shortcut penalties and collision penalties. This is a ranked race, so your DR and SR is affected.

Race C

Sardegna – Road Track – C Reverse - 20 laps

The final race sees you head to Italy’s Sardegna for a 20-lap race in GR.3 cars. This is a rolling start race with 16 cars on track. Fuel consumption is set to 2x but tyre wear is 6x. Since this is a 20-lap race, you’ll need to monitor your tyres and plan a pit stop. You can only make one pit stop though, so planning is paramount.

GT7 Daily Races 11 September Race C
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Speaking of tyres, you’ll be racing on Racing Mediums, Intermediates, or Wets. Low-speed BoP tuning is enabled and you have the option to partially adjust the brakes and suspension. Collision, shortcut, and pit lane cutting penalties are enabled in this race.

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