GT7 Daily Races 16 October: Max Power

GT7 Daily Races 16 October Race A

GT7 Daily Races 16 October Race A

The start of a new week brings a new set of GT7 Daily Races in Sport Mode. As always, there are three events to conquer, each featuring different race conditions, cars, and tracks. This week’s GT7 Daily Races lets you tune up a Toyota hot hatch before switching to GR.3 and GR.4 racecars.

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Here’s what awaits Sport Mode players in GT7 Daily Races 16 October.

Race A

Autodrome Lago Maggiore – West - 5 Laps

Race A takes us to the Autodrome Lago Maggiore complex, where you’ll be taking the Toyota GR Corolla Morioizo Edition through its paces. BoP is disabled and you can tune the Toyota hot hatch up to 600 pp, so be sure to modify it to extract more power and improve.

This is a technical circuit, so you’ll also want to adjust the suspension to improve the handling and compensate for the extra power. 

GT7 Daily Races 16 October Race A
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This is a five-lap race with 12 cars on track and a grid start. Be aware there’s also a false start check, so you’ll get a penalty if you accidentally jump start. You’ll be racing on Sports Soft tyres with 1x fuel consumption and 1x tyre wear. As usual, this is an unranked race so your driver and safety ratings won’t be affected.

Light shortcut penalties are enabled along with penalties for hitting other cars and pit lane cutting.

Race B

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta – 7 laps

The first ranked race takes us to Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta for a seven-lap race in GR.3 cars. This race sees you take on a 16-car grid with a rolling start. Racing Medium, Intermediates, and Wet tyres are allowed in this event.

Fuel consumption and tyre wear are set to 1x, with mid-speed BoP tuning applied to all cars. Light mechanical damage is enabled, as are light shortcut penalties and collision penalties. Don’t forget your DR and SR are affected in this race, so avoid collisions at all costs.

Race C

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP - 10 laps

The final race sees you head to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP layout for a 10-lap race in GR.4 cars. This is a rolling start race with 16 cars on the grid. Fuel consumption is set to 9x and tyre wear is 3x, so you’ll need to monitor your fuel and tyre wear.

GT7 Daily Races 16 October Race C
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As for tyres, you can fit Racing Hards, Racing Softs, Intermediates, or Wets. A Racing hard tyre switch is required, so you’ll need to make a pit stop. Mid-speed BoP tuning is enabled with the option to partially adjust the brakes and suspension. Collision, light shortcut, and pit lane-cutting penalties are enabled in this race.

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