How to buy cars in Gran Turismo 7

It’s been a long wait, but Gran Turismo 7 is finally here. The first numbered GT game in nearly ten years has hundreds of cars to fill your virtual garage with, but how do you buy cars in Gran Turismo 7?

How to buy cars in Gran Turismo 7

To buy cars in Gran Turismo 7, you need credits. How do you earn credits? Simple: by winning races.

Each race in GT mode rewards you with credits that can be used to buy your dream car. The higher the difficulty and your race position, the more credits you earn.

Your first car

When you start your GT7 journey, you’ll only have 20,000 credits to spend (you'll also get 100,000 in-game credits if you preorder the Standard or Anniversary Edition). This means you can only afford to buy a car from the Used Car Dealership.

When you start the first menu in the GT Café, you’ll be guided to the Used Car Dealership to buy your first car. With 20,000 credits, you can only afford one of three Japanese hatchbacks as your starting car: the Honda Fit Hybrid '14, Toyota Aqua S '11, and Mazda Demio XD Touring '15.

Gran Turismo 7 used car dealership
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When buying cars in GT7, your first port of call will be the Used Car Dealership

You can visit the Used Car Dealership any time by selecting the location on the World Map. It’s worth checking regularly because the used car selection changes regularly.

Brand Central

After completing Menu 4 at the GT Café, you’ll unlock the Brand Central. This is where you can buy new cars from the model year 2001 and beyond. You can browse dealerships for every manufacturer in the game and check prices so you know how many credits to save up.  

From the iconic Ferrari F40 to the legendary Lamborghini Countach, GT7 features some of the most famous cars in the world. However, the most expensive cars cost millions of credits, so it will take a long time before you can afford these dream machines.

GT7 Ferrari F40 92 Scapes 01
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It's going to take a lot of grinding before you can afford dream cars like the Ferrari F40

You need to race to earn credits, but not all races are built equal. You can grind out credits through the campaign, but if you want to really super-charge your efforts with this credit grind trick!

Legend Cars

Later on a third location to buy cars opens up. This is called Legend Cars and houses some of the most amazing cars in motoring and Gran Turismo history.

From the Aston Martin DB5 to the Castrol Tom's Supra GT500 you can get some amazing cars here but you'll also pay for it.

The Supra comes in at 1.5 million credits, with others upwards of 8 million, so get saving!

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