How to make your car faster in Gran Turismo 7

It can be hard to keep up on GT7, here's how to make your car faster in Gran Turismo 7.

This is all about taking a car and making it as fast as possible. This will let you compete in more races against the AI, and keep you moving up the ranks in Sport Mode.

How to make your car faster in Gran Turismo 7

There are several ways to make your car faster in Gran Turismo 7.

The first and most reliable is to hit the Tuning Shop and get some upgrades!

Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Shop
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Some upgrades are better than others for every car, while others will need to be chosen for the right purpose as they can create drag racers or drift machines rather than true circuit racers.

Once you hit Collector Level 5 the whole Tuning Shop will be open to you. However it's not cheap to tune up a car, and with credits hard to come by in GT7 it pays to be selective.

Car tunes

The other way of making your car faster is to play with the settings of the car itself.

Within the Settings Sheet of every car you can tweak basically anything. From ride height and anti-roll bars to the downforce levels.

GT7 setup sheet
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The surest way to make your car faster is to create a settings sheet for each track. If you're going to Monza you want less downforce to get that extra speed down the straights. At a more technical track like Suzuka you need to increase downforce so you can corner faster and more consistently.

This is just the first step, from there tweaking suspension and even differentials will all result in cars that behave slightly differently. It will be a case of experimenting for what works with you, the car, and the track you are racing on.

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