Kazunori teases 3 new cars coming in Gran Turismo 7 update 1.22

A new Gran Turismo 7 update is arriving this week. Before it arrives, Kazunori has teased three new cars coming to Gran Turismo 7 in update 1.22. As always, the image shared on Twitter show three blacked-out silhouettes, leading to fans speculating what these cars could be.

Three new cars coming in Gran Turismo 7 update 1.22

We already know that one of the new cars in Gran Turismo 7 update 1.17 will be the Porsche Vision GT Spyder. Based on the original Porsche Vision GT, the sleek Spyder variant was unveiled last week.

Specifications are not known yet, but we expect it will share its sibling’s 87 kWh battery and two electric motors that combined to generate 820kW (1,098 HP.)

Porsche Vision GT Spyder
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Judging from the silhouette, the car on the left appears to be the Volkswagen ID.R. Utilising a dual electric motor setup producing a combined 680 horsepower, the purpose-built electric time attack car holds lap records at Pikes Peak, the Nurburgring, and Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb.

It appears to be the modified version used for the Goodwood Hillclimb and Nurburgring record runs rather than the original Pikes Peak spec.

Volkswagen ID.R
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Notably, this is the first time the ID.R has appeared in a Gran Turismo game. After making its video game debut in V-Rally 4 as paid DLC, the ID.R has also featured in Forza Horizon 4, Real Racing 3. Given the ID.R’s pedigree and exclusivity, it will likely cost several million credits in GT7.

The remaining car is believed to be a Nissan Silvia S14, but we’ll find out soon when Gran Turismo 7 update 1.22 arrives this week.

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.22 release date

Polyphony and Porsche have confirmed the Vision GT Spyder will be added to GT7 on 29 September, most likely coinciding with the release of update 1.22. Before then, the servers will go down for maintenance in preparation for the update. 

As well as the three cars, we’re hoping to see more tracks, GT Café races, and quality of life improvements such as the ability to sell cars – a long-requested option Kazunori has been promising since April.

In the meantime, a new set of Daily Races have launched in Sport mode taking us to Autodrome Lago Maggiore in a Honda Beat along with a race in GR.2 cars.

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