New PS5 trailer shows off incredible Gran Turismo 7 visuals, cars, & more!

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We recently got a sneak peek of what the team over at Polyphony Digital may be up to, as the website showed an open beta may be on the horizon.

With no definitive release date, however, fans are starting to get impatient with the lack of info.

Now, fans have got another look at the game. Let's take a look at the latest PS5 trailer now!

GT7 in PS5 trailer

The latest trailer from Sony aims to show off the 'Stunning visuals' that the console is capable of by demonstrating clips from a number of titles.

One of these is more game engine footage from Gran Turismo 7, some of which looks like gameplay.

The game does truly look stunning, with the ray-tracing capabilities of the PS5 really adding to the lifelike graphics of the awesome game.

Open beta

The latest news from the team behind the game is an open beta. Although, it doesn't seem that we were meant to know about it!

GT7 Mazda
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The applications appeared on the companies website for a short while before being removed, rather hastily.

We can only assume that an open beta is on the horizon and that we'll be able to get a hands-on experience of the game soon.

Release date

Unfortunately, this little blunder didn't include any release date information, so we're still none the wiser as to when the game will launch.

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We do know the game will be arriving in 2022, and the open beta conundrum could hint at an early 2022 release date.

However, for now, we have no confirmed release date for the title. We can only keep our fingers crossed, and keep putting laps in on GT Sport!

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