What is the release date for Gran Turismo 7?

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Good things come to those who wait, and Gran Turismo players will definitely hope that will be the case for them. Ever since Gran Turismo 7 was revealed last year, GT players have been eagerly awaiting the title.

GT7 will mark Polyphony's first foray onto the PlayStation 5, which opens up huge opportunities when it comes to what this game can achieve. But do we have a release date and if so, what is it? We've got everything you need to know right here!

A story of delays

Gran Turismo 7 was revealed alongside the PS5 system itself back in June 2020. GT is a PlayStation powerhouse and exclusive series, having been on every PS home console. It made sense for GT7 to come out alongside the new system, as it could show off the console's new features.

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WELCOME HOME: GT7 finally got another trailer earlier this month

Sadly though, GT7 didn't get a release date and the PS5's launch day came and went later that year without that title being released. Polyphony were silent throughout all of this, worrying some sections of the support as to when, if ever, the game would ever come out.

But, finally, after over a year of waiting, we got more news and another trailer. The GT7 trailer from the 2021 PlayStation Showcase gave us a lot to chew on, including our first official release date. As it stands, GT7 will launch on 4th March 2022 on both PS4 and PS5.

Could we have further delays?

Sony and Polyphony have been smart in how they've gone about the launch of GT7. Technically, we haven't had any official delays yet with this game, but behind the scenes, it's been a different story. Make no mistake about it, everybody working on GT7 were aiming to release the game alongside the PS5.

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This wouldn't be the first time delays happened, just look at GT5

However, lockdown no doubt slowed progress to almost a halt at times over the past 18 months. When it became clear that GT7 couldn't be launched alongside the PS5, Polyphony decided to leave the release date out of the trailer. That is until now, where we've got an official date pencilled in.

This wouldn't be the first time that a GT game has been delayed multiple times though, far from it. Gran Turismo 5 was the first GT title on the PS3 and was scheduled to be out in 2009, but a date never materialised. Then, after a long wait, we got a date, March 2010, but this was later pushed back to November of that year.

That all happened without a global pandemic going on either...

What is the release date for Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 does have a confirmed release date, and one that looks like a lock to be hit.

GT7 will launch on 4 March 2022. There are no editions that offer early access either, so circle the date in the calendar!

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