GTA Online: Best upgrades to win more races, tips and tricks & more!

Racing in GTA Online is a huge part of the game, and no one wants to be back of the pack every time.

We've already had a look at drifting and some basic tips to win more races.

Now, however, let's go into what upgrades you should be doing on your car to win more races!

Why you should be upgrading

When you own some of the fastest cars in Los Santos, you may be wondering why you should be upgrading your car in the first place.

Firstly, there will always be some people who also own the same car as you. You need all the help you can get winning these races!

Secondly, if your car can already go pretty damn fast, why wouldn't you want it to be able to go even faster?

Upgrades you should do

Obviously, we see no reason why you shouldn't be doing all of them of course. By the end of the process, chances are you will have maxed out each of them anyway!

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CUSTOM RACES: Make sure you're in a race where you ca use your upgraded car!

However, we recommend starting it off with turbo and brakes. A bit of off the line power to beat that first corner rush and the ability to stop for those dreaded corners is a great combo.

We recommend leaving bulletproof tyres 'til last. Having your tyres shot out mid race is still rather rare, and most races will see everyone racing normally anyway!

Where should I get racing?

These upgrades have been done to a car that you own, making it a custom car. As such, make sure you're racing in races that allow for custom vehicles to be used.

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GET RACING: Put your upgrades to good use!

Next you'll want to make sure you're actually testing out your upgraded vehicle, there's no point jumping into a race with a different car.

Finally, enjoy! You'll need to win some races or reach a certain level to get some upgrades. However, with some base upgrades to get you started, you'll be maxing your car out in no time!

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