GTA Online Chop Shop Update Brings Drift Racing to Los Santos

GTA Online Chop Shop Update Brings Drift Racing to Los Santos

GTA Online Chop Shop Update Brings Drift Racing to Los Santos

Rockstar Games dominated the internet last week with the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. But with the next instalment not arriving until 2025 (if it isn’t delayed of course), GTA 5's updates aren’t ending any time soon ten years on.

Just in time for Christmas, the new GTA Online Chop Shop update brings an assortment of new vehicles and the introduction of Drift Races to burn rubber in.

Drift Races come to Los Santos

While it's not strictly a racing game, racing is one of the most popular modes in GTA Online and continues to evolve. As part of the Chop Shop update, players who enjoy driving sideways in a plume of tyre smoke can enter new Drift Races in GTA Online.

GTA Online Chop Shop drift racing
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Drifting in GTA was never fun or natural before, but Rockstar has revamped the physics, with drift tuning kits available for the new Fathom FR36 Coupe and seven other vehicles.

As well as your final racing position, these events award you Drift Points for your precision driving skills, while chaining drifts together builds up a combo for bonus points. The player who finishes with the most Drift Points wins.

Available to all LS Car Meet members, Drift Races take place in seven locations: Legion Square, Vespucci Beach, the Vinewood Hills, Mirror Park.

New vehicles

Aside from Drift Races, the Chop Shop update brings a raft of new vehicles to burn rubber in. These include theFathom FR36, which looks nearly identical to an Infiniti G35.

GTA games don’t feature licenced cars since manufacturers don’t want to be associated with crime and chaos, but they rarely look as close to their real-life counterparts as this. Elsewhere, the new Vapid Dominator GT looks like a sixth-gen Ford Mustang, while the Grotti Turismo Omaggio is based on a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

GTA Online Chop Shop Grotti Turismo Omaggio
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Other new vehicles include the Declasse Impaler LX (Chevrolet Impala), Karin Asterope GZ (Toyota Camry), Karin Vivanite (Toyota Sienna), Vapid Aleutian (Ford Expedition), and Declasse Vigero ZX Convertible (Chevrolet Camaro).

For the first time, the Chop Shop update also allows you to buy and own law enforcement vehicles such as cop cars and riot vans.

You can also check out every car we spotted in the GTA 6 trailer.

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