GTA Online Races: Best Player Made Tracks

The normal races in GTA Online can be a bit... Well, normal?

These player designed tracks are anything but, and will surely spice up your GTA Online racing career.

From wacky tracks to true racing experiences, GTA Online has it all.

Let's take a look at some of the tracks that we've enjoyed the most in GTA Online!

Rapid Vapid Rally

Our first track feels akin to a waterpark for cars.

Rapid Vapid Rally is available at the following link and will have you grinning from ear to ear, start to finish.

GTA Online RVR
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SKY HIGH: The track features a host of cool sections

Combining tight mountain passes with short technical jumps and PLENTY of water, the track has it all.

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Just watch out for those race start, as the straights are quite narrow.

Colour Trip

This track is one of contrast, and colour, as the name suggests.

Starting out on the plains of Blaine County, a huge jump soon leaves you anywhere but.

GTA Online CT
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TRANSITION: A huge jump transports you to a colourful track in the sky

Players are launched through the air to a raised platform full of colour.

The different areas are themselves connect by various tunnels, each of which is similarly vibrant.

You can get your hands on the track here!

Chaps Racetrack

Our final track on this list is a bit different to the previous two.

Chaps Racetrack is a true racing experience and features none of the thrills of the other two.

GTA Online Race
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GTA Online: The racing can be incredibly close online

Instead, you can enjoy an incredible racing experience of extended corners coupled with tight-knit complex turns.

This is one to take seriously, and you can grab the track from this link here!

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