Best car window cleaner 2022: Our top picks for streak-free visibility

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November 8, 2022: We've updated our list to ensure the products we've selected are the best around for cleaning the windows of your car.

If you're searching for the best car window cleaner, you've come to the right place.


While some of the best car shampoos and polishes are essential for cleaning bodywork, a top window cleaning solution is the key to making sure you have crystal-clear visibility on the road.

That being said, we've rounded a selection of top cleaning products based on their reviews, price, and formulas to help you achieve a stain and streak-free finish.

Whether you're looking for one of the best car cleaning products in this Autoglym Glass Polish, or something a little cheaper, like this Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner, then we've got you covered.

Stick around too because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding window cleaners to help you decide upon the right solution for you and your vehicle. With that in mind, let's get into it...

Best car window cleaner


Best all-round car window cleaner - Autoglym Glass Polish

Best car window cleaner Autoglym Glass Polish product image of a wipe bottle and cleaner on a black cloth.
Credit: Autoglym

This Autoglym Glass Polish is said to be one of the best cleaning solutions for windows, mirrors, and headlights.

Formulated for glass and acrylic, this polish is designed to remove tough stains and dirt to leave your windows looking new with zero streaks to increase visibility.

Rather than a spray, you simply apply this formula to a microfibre cloth and gently polish your window to remove traffic film, grease, wax, nicotine, insects, and water deposits.

Ultimately, this window cleaning solution looks to be a well-rounded formula that we feel is well worth considering for a pristine finish, especially when teamed with one of the best car wax sprays around.


Best budget car window cleaner - Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

Best car window cleaner Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner product image of a black, blue, and yellow spray bottle being sprayed onto a window.
Credit: Invisible Glass

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner is said to deliver a residue-free clean with no streaks for maximum visibility.

It comes in a convenient trigger-spray bottle that should make applying it across all of the windows of your vehicle a little easier.

Moreover, Invisible Glass boasts its cleaner is from ammonia, making it suitable for both tinted and non-tinted glass.

All in all, this spray-on formula looks to be a great pick for cleaning your windows for less.


Best car window cleaner wipes - Armor All Glass Wipes

Best car window cleaner Armor All Glass Wipes product image of a yellow, blue, and white container containing wipes.
Credit: Armor All

For a quick clean, we feel you won't find many products as simple to use as these Armor All Glass Wipes to use inside and out of your vehicle alongside one of the best car vacuums on the market.

Firstly, they're ammonia-free so they're suitable to use on auto glass and tinted glass as per their instructions.

Moreover, they're described as being residue-free, so should leave no streaks for incredible clarity and shine with no hazing that may impair your vision on the road.

On the whole, these glass wipes look as though they're ready to provide a quick and easy solution to your window cleaning problems.


Best car window cleaner and rain repellent - Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent

Best car window cleaner Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent product image of a yellow spray bottle being applied to a car window.
Credit: Rain-X

As its name suggests, this Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent product is designed to not only clean your windows but also repel rain by causing it to bead up and run off the glass.

Rain-X boasts it's quick and easy to use as it's a spray solution that you can simply apply and then wipe away with no buffing required.

The formula is also designed to be effective against sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray, stopping them all from sticking to your windows to further improve visibility.

We feel there's definitely a lot to like about this Rain-X 2-in-1 solution, hence its inclusion on our list.


Best interior car window cleaner - Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo

Best car window cleaner Rain-X Anti-Fog product image of a black spray bottle.
Credit: Rain-X

Continuing with Rain-X and the company's Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo.

Whilst the Rain-X Glass Treatment removes dirt and grime from the exterior, the Anti-Fog solution is designed to deliver ultimate visibility from your interior in all weather conditions, making it ideal to team with your best upholstery cleaner for a spotless interior.

As its name suggests, the cleaning solution has been formulated to prevent fogging of your interior glass and mirrors to improve your visibility in some of the most challenging conditions to drive in.

This is also helped by the Glass Treatment for your exterior glass as it's said to repel rain, sleet, and snow. As a result, you should come away from the cleaning process with a spotless windscreen ready to drive.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When it comes to finding the best window cleaner, there are usually a few questions that pop up. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

How do you clean your car window?

The key to cleaning the windows of your car is to tackle both the outside and inside to maximise your visibility.

Apply your window cleaner solution to the glass, then carefully wipe down with a sponge.

Once you're satisfied your windows are clean, we'd recommend wiping away any residue with a microfibre cloth to avoid leaving any streaks. We'd also suggest wiping in small circular motions for optimal results.

Next, move on to cleaning the interior with your window cleaner and a cloth. Finally, we'd suggest topping up your windscreen washer fluid to avoid leaving streaks.


Can you clean car windows with vinegar?

A vinegar solution can be used to clean a car window. Mix some water with around an eighth of vinegar and a small amount of detergent to use as a window cleaner.

That said, dedicated car window cleaners should deliver crystal clear results as they have been specially formulated to remove all the dirt and grime that can possibly build up on the glass.

Is window cleaner safe to get on the paint?

While it is okay if you get a small amount of window cleaner on the paint of your car by mistake, we would strongly advise against using it to clean the bodywork of your vehicle.

Depending on the strength of your window cleaner's formula, the solution may begin to remove the protective layer of paint if used on your car regularly.

As a result, you may begin to notice the paint stripping away if you use window cleaner to clean your entire vehicle.


Can you use normal glass cleaner on car windows?

Most dedicated car window cleaners are ammonia-free whereas household glass cleaners tend not to be.

The reason for this is that ammonia can sometimes create streaks and cause fog to build up on your window, thus limiting visibility.

As a result, we'd advise against using regular glass cleaner on your car windows.

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