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Best Prime Day Deals for sim racers: Thrustmaster, GT Omega, wheelstands, & more!

Amazon Prime Day is here, and it brings with it some awesome savings for those looking to get involved in sim racing, whether that's in preparation for Gran Turismo 7 or to get ready for some laps on F1 2021!

From wheelstands to wheels themselves, there is everything a wannabe driver could need to get themselves racing.

So, let's take a look at these deals now, and which ones we recommend for you!

Thrustmaster T80

The first saving we recommend is this Thurstmaster wheel.

Thrustmaster T80
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FERRARI 488 GTB EDITION: Race in style with this Ferrari-themed wheel!

It boasts some awesome reviews, with 4/5 stars after 2,000 ratings. It really is a great pickup for anyone who is yet to foray into wheel and pedal racing!

The wheel itself is compatible with PS4 and PC, and boasts everything you could want from a wheel including recentering and wheel-mounted shifters.

The two pedal set is perfect for most modern sim-racing titles, and the two together also work with PS5 titles.

You can purchase the Thrustmaster T80 for £82.99 here, a 17% saving!

GT Omega APEX Wheel Stand

If you're looking to level up your sim setup even more, then a wheelstand could be the answer for you.

GT Omega Wheelstand
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GET RACING: The wheelstand will let you perfect your driving position!

This will allow you to more easily adjust you driving position, allowing for a more comfortable and likely competitive racing experience.

The GT Omega APEX wheel stand is compatible with many mainstream wheels from Logitech and Thrustmaster, making it the perfect companion for a starter setup.

It is even foldable. This means it can be packed down and put away for those using this in a busy room!

You can buy the GT Omega APEX wheel stand here!

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