Best Racing Seat For F1 23

F1 23 in-game image of a red Ferarri F1`car leading the pack on a track.
Credit: EA

F1 23 in-game image of a red Ferarri F1`car leading the pack on a track.
Credit: EA

Adding the best racing seat for F1 23 to your setup is a surefire way to bring realism to your sim experience when it comes to tackling some of the toughest tracks from around the world. With Codemaster's latest installment in the franchise arguably one of the best, we'd argue it's worth investing now to get your setup right to help you achieve those podium finishes.

With that in mind, we're here to help kick off your search in the best way possible as we've put together a list of amazing racing seats based on their price, reviews, and, perhaps most important of all, features.

We've mostly included chairs with all the accessories needed to house your sim racing gear, including a wheel, pedals, and a shifter if you own one. However, we've also included one top gaming chair option if you race at a desk. Other details we've looked out for include the seat's build quality. A sturdy frame is a must to help the chair withstand the trials of racing over time. Something foldable is also a bonus if you're limited to space, but not absolutely essential to make our list.

So, with all these factors taken into account, here are the best racing seats for F1 23 we could find...

Best racing seats for F1 23

  1. Playseat Evolution Alcantara PRO - a great all-round choice
  2. Next Level Racing F-GT Lite - best foldable option
  3. Razer Iskur - a great pick for desk setups
  4. Playseat Challenge - an excellent budget choice
  5. Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Cockpit - high-end excellence
Playseat Evolution Alcantara PRO product image of a black seat with white branding connected to a wheel mount.
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Credit: Playseat

1. Playseat Evolution Alcantara PRO

Best racing seat for F1 23 overall

Dimensions: 500 x 1300 x 980 mm
Weight: 20.6 kg

We're kicking things off with the Playseat Evolution Alcantara PRO as we're particularly impressed with its build and the quality of its materials.

Firstly, it features a steel frame where you can secure your wheel, pedals, and a single TV too if you desire. As it's made from steel, you should find it withstands the test of time for future F1 titles as well.

To counteract the weight of the steel, Playseat uses glass fibre panels to ensure it remains light enough to move. As a result, the entire seat weighs just 20.6 kg and can be folded down to make it easier to put away when not in use.

Finally, the seat itself is made from plush Alcantara to help keep you comfortable, even during longer F1 23 sessions - a great all-round package if you ask us.

Next Level Racing F-GT Lite product image of a black racing cockpit with red accents,
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Credit: Next Level Racing

2. Next Level Racing F-GT Lite

Best foldable racing seat for F1 23

Dimensions: 176 x 93 x 95 cm
Weight: 15.4 kg

If you are looking to save space, then this Next Level Racing seat is hard to beat as it can be folded down completely for ease of storage.

It's also particularly great for F1 games as the seat can be swapped from a GT to a Formula-style racing position using Next Level Racing's unique quick-release mechanism.

This mechanism is attached to a set of Hubs that are capable of withstanding 150kg of force. However, their primary purpose is to allow you to adjust every inch of your seating position to help you find a spot that's comfortable for you.

You of course get a set of mounting points for your wheel, shifter, pedals, etc., with each one pre-drilled to support Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec devices (or simply a wheel that has clamping options). Therefore, if you already own a top racing wheel, then this Next Level Racing seat is definitely a great addition.

Razer Iskur product image of a black gaming chair with green details.
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Credit: Razer

3. Razer Iskur

Best gaming chair for F1 23

Dimensions: 665 x 1370 x 745 mm
Weight: 30.3 kg

While a racing seat with all the mounting options is great for games like F1, we appreciate that not everyone has the floor space to take advantage of a cockpit setup. Don't fear though, a top gaming chair, like this Razer Iskur, can still give your racing environment the upgrade it needs for the new game.

It features a bucket seat-like design to give you that enclosed racing feel, with fully sculpted lumbar support to improve comfort during longer sessions, particularly around your lower back.

Moreover, it's completely padded with high-density moulded foam, then wrapped in PVC leather, which should give the chair a durable exterior that's also easy to clean if needed.

The back angle is also adjustable up to 139 degrees, giving you plenty of options when it comes to getting a comfortable seating position, which, at the end of the day, is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a great gaming chair for racing.

Playseat Challenge product image of a black bucket seat connected to a wheel mount.
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Credit: Playseat

4. Playseat Challenge

Best budget racing seat for F1 23

Dimensions: 136 x 54 x 96 cm
Weight: Unspecified

Back to Playseat now, but this time a relatively inexpensive racing seat that we feel would make for a great addition to your F1 23 setup.

Although inexpensive, the Playseat Challenge stands out due to its high-quality finish and foldable design. Specifically, it's made from powder-coated steel which, Playseat boasts, helps to add strength, thus giving the chair a 122 kg weight limit.

Moreover, the seat itself is lined with premium Alcantara, which is easy to clean and water resistant. This is particularly handy just in case you have any spillages mid-race.

Ultimately, we'd argue this Playseat bit of kit offers great value for money. And, with its foldable design, it's easy to store away after a grueling session on the track.

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Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Cockpit product image of a  black and red racing rig.
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Credit: Next Level Racing

5. Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Cockpit

Best premium racing seat for F1 23

Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 84 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Our final entry is this Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Cockpit. It's a premium bit of kit, but one we'd say is well worth considering if you're looking to seriously invest for the F1 23 title.

This all-in-one cockpit features a quick-adjustment system, allowing you to position yourself in a realistic Formula-style setup. Also, each of the wheel, pedal, and shifter mounts is adjustable to help ensure you can find a comfortable seating position for your racing sessions.

Build-wise, it's made from aluminium with an anodised carbon grey profile that not only looks great, but is also resistant to scratches.

Additionally, the seat features a motion ecosystem, allowing you to add in a motion platform or a Buttkicker, for example, to truly immerse yourself in the wheel-to-wheel action of F1 23 - all in all, an excellent premium pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding the right racing seat can be tricky, often leading to a ton of questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries below...

Should you buy a racing seat for F1 23?

If you already own a racing wheel, then the next logical step, in our opinion, is to add a top racing seat to your setup to improve comfort and add realism.

The majority of seats we've highlighted also come with wheel and pedal stands so you have somewhere to house your devices when you're ready to race. These stands also ensure your setup is in a more natural racing position, as opposed to having your pedals on the floor and a wheel clamped to a table.

That said, if you prefer a desk setup, you don't have to worry. Many of the best gaming chairs feature similar bucket seat-like designs, with lumbar support to keep you comfortable during those long 75% or 100% races. While a gaming chair may not be built specifically for sim racing, it's definitely worth keeping in mind for F1 23 if you don't have the space for a cockpit or rig.

How much should you spend on a racing seat for F1 23?

The amount you should spend on a racing seat for gaming largely depends on your budget and your requirements. Racing seats can range from tens to hundreds and even thousands of dollars, so you need to work out how seriously you're willing to invest for F1 23.

A good racing seat should provide a comfortable and ergonomic seating position that enhances your gaming experience. It should also be durable and sturdy to withstand frequent use. Keep these features in mind when deciding on how much to spend.

Before making a purchase, though, consider your budget, the features you need, and the quality of the seat. It's worth investing in a quality racing seat if you're an avid gamer, as it can greatly enhance your comfort and performance during gameplay.

However, remember you can always upgrade your seat further down the line, so make sure you're only buying something you can afford for the time being.

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