New BMW M4 GT3 Fanatec wheel could cost more than a car!

Sim racing is not a cheap hobby, but Fanatec and their brand new BMW wheel is taking it to the extreme.

First announced in December, the new Fanatec wheel works both in the real racing car and in a racing simulator. However, it will come with the price tag to match!

BMW M4 GT3 wheel price

In a recent BMW blog post, a "competitive" pricing of below 5,000 Euros was quoted, which is a mindblowing figure for even the most hardcore sim racers.

The wheel is designed in tandem between BMW and Fanatec, and will be used in their new race cars as well as being available for your home sim setup.

bmw m4 gt3 fanatec wheel
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THING OF BEAUTY: But priced accordingly!

The carbon steering wheel is a motorsport design, with illuminated buttons and magnetic, dual-action shift paddles also made of carbon.

Reportedly weighing in at just 1400 grams it is easy to see where your money goes!

Like nothing else before

This is far from the first time Fanatec and BMW have collaborated, but it will definitely be the most expensive sim racing wheel out there.

However, there is a good reason for that.

bmw m4 gt3 sim live steering
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LIGHTWEIGHT: But in this case that is good

“The technology is still a step ahead of what we had before,” says Thomas  Jackermeier, CEO of Fanatec. “We worked with molded carbon fiber, we had to learn about canvas and weatherproof. Lots of challenges we’ve never experienced before.”

Release date

The steering wheel is likely to become available in the second quarter of 2021, however no firm date is set.

Likewise, no official price has been set yet, but given the technological and material advances made here we expect it to be very close to that 5,000 Euro mark.

Start saving now!

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