Mercedes F1 Chair: Noblechairs announces F1 gaming chair!

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With the F1 Esports championship coming to a close last night and Formula One also, we're a tad stuck for ideas.

So, naturally, we have returned to our sims in the hope of replicating some of our favourite racers' techinques.

Of course, that will require the right chair. It seems that Noblechairs have us covered on that front!

Mercedes F1 Noblechairs

The latest mashup from Noblechairs is with none other than Mercedes-AMD Petronas formula One team.

Mercedes Chair 3
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STYLED: The chair is adorned in Mercedes F1 styling!

With Formula One now seemingly in the distant future, this is exactly the content we needed to see.

The chair is genuinely a bit of a looker, with AMG styling on the chair itself and the wheels on the base.

Chair Features

Firstly, and as aforementioned, the main selling point of the chair is the awesome Mercedes styling.

Mercedes Chair 4
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WHOLE PACKAGE: The whole chair looks awesome!

With flashes of green and sporty styling, the chair really does get you in the racing mindset.

Similarly, Noblechairs even claim that it can improve gaming performance. We're yet to see why, but perhaps the many hackers we're seeing in games at the moment actually do just have a better gaming chair?

The hybrid material of the chair supposedly prevents unnecessary sweating. Well, it'll have it's work cut out next Summer then that's for sure!

The base, release date, and price

The chair is based on the tried and tested Epic model from Noblechairs. In our eyes, the best choice possible from the chair making company.

Mercedes Chair 2
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STITCHING: Even the stitching adds to the aesthetic!

As for release date, the chair is already available. If you want to get your hands on one, make sure to get one soon!

In terms of price, the chair is available for $519.99 or £399.95. So, you'll have to make sure to get your wallets out also!

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