How To Install iRacing Setups

In the world of iRacing, there's a lot of different car setups that you can have. Furthermore, within it, you will play different tracks, race with different cars, and have different setups for each corresponding combination!

This feature, adds a lot of depth and realism to the already realistic simulator. So, we're going to teach you how to install iRacing setups! The process itself is not tedious at all, but finding setups is a key point. So, let's dive into it!

What are iRacing setups?

Starting off, if you're unfamiliar with the term, here's what setups are. So, in the iRacing series, are you race to upgrade your license, you'll get to a point where you choose from open or fixed setups. And while there's general debate over which is better, it's all down to the racer himself.

Fixed setup races mean everyone in the race has the same setup. While open setup races mean that people have different setups tailored to fit one's comfort.

iRacing setups can lead you to the win!
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THE CHECKERED FLAG: Setups can be your win condition as a racer, or your downfall.

If you're looking to hone your driving skills and test them on an even playing field, then fixed setups might be the thing for you. You can work your way through the ranks focusing on your driving. And as such, winning by being the best racer on the track.

However, if you're into getting your hands on tuning and out-preparing your opposition, the open setup races will interest you. You have the chance to engineer your own car! This is your chance to get your hands on the wheels and to get "turning the wrenches".

Where to find iRacing setups

You can't be an engineer without knowing what you're doing. So it would be tough to say that you can find your own setups and come up with them, without extensive knowledge of them. As a result, you have to find iRacing setups at least as a start.

BMW MUNICH iRacing - Install iRacing setups to create a difference!
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DOWN TO THE SETUP: In a race where you and your opponents have the same horsepower, it's going to be up to the setup, and the driver, to be the difference.

iRacing comes with new seasons, and to remain at the top of the open racing pack, you need to adapt. You can find many free setups on the internet, but if you're an avid iRacing fan, you might consider subscribing to some sites. Virtual Racing School (VRS), offers you all the setups you will need, in addition to driving lessons. This comes at a cost of $9.99 a month.

This is definitely catering for the more competitive players who are looking to get better or even go pro. You can also find setups on the iRacing forums, Craig's Setup Shop ($5 a month subscription) or anywhere around the internet really!

Installing the Setups

Installing the setups for iRacing is also very straightforward! You have to put the downloaded setup files, then take them to the specific car you downloaded the setup for. This can be found inside the setups folder in the iRacing main folder.

Then you can load it in the game and go to "My Setups" from the garage, and you'll find the name of the setup. It's sometimes difficult to figure out on your own, so here's a detailed tutorial you can follow!

SET UP THE SETUP: Tutorial on how to use iRacing setups, by Max Benecke.

And that's all! You should have a clear idea now about whether you want to opt for setups or not. And you know where to find them, and how to install iRacing setups! You're all set!

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