Best Wheel Settings For Le Mans Ultimate

Best Wheel Settings For Le Mans Ultimate

Best Wheel Settings For Le Mans Ultimate

Every driver sets their wheel up differently, and that’s never been more true than in the World Endurance Championship. Sitting behind the wheel for possibly hours at a time requires the driver to be comfortable, and the same is true for racing in Le Mans Ultimate.

Let’s take a look at the best wheel settings for Le Mans Ultimate.

Steer to success

It’s often overlooked by beginners, but getting your wheel settings right is just as important as any other part of the setup. Being able to feel the track through your fingertips while also maintaining control of the car can shave those valuable seconds off your lap times.

Best wheel settings for Le Mans Ultimate
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You also want to rely on your wheel giving you the response you expect when turning into corners, particularly the slow, tight corners such as the opening complex at Monza. It's therefore worth taking the time to go through your wheel settings, finetuning everything to give you the best performance.

There’s a lot to take in, however, and if you are new to sim racing it can all become overwhelming. Thankfully, we have gone through every option to find the best wheel settings for you.

Le Mans Ultimate FFB settings

First up are the feedback settings. These toggle the force feedback on or off, as well as the strength of the force feedback and torque.

Best wheel settings for Le Mans Ultimate
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To begin with, make sure force feedback is switched on, and the ‘Invert Force Feedback’ option is also toggled on. This can cause a strong reaction from the wheel so be wary the first time you use it.

We recommend a force feedback strength of 50%, as this is a nice mix of realism and comfort. All other options under force feedback can be left at default. Also, make sure the ‘Use Steering Wheel Range From Vehicle’ option is toggled on in the ‘Calibrate’ tab.

Best wheel settings for Le Mans Ultimate
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There are many other settings more seasoned racers can play around with, including those for camera shake and horizon lock, but these are the necessities for those new to endurance racing.

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