Is Mario Kart Tour pay to win?

A new Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, bringing with it some awesome new content and even a new track!

The game is an awesome experience for rookie and veteran Mario Kart players alike.

So, let’s take a closer look at the game, how you can play the game for free and the potential pay to win elements of the game!

Mario Kart Tour free to play

Excitingly, and good news for Mario Kart fans, the game is free to play on mobile devices, meaning anyone can play it.

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PLAY WITH FRIENDS: Mario Kart is a great franchise to play with buddies!

Players will be able to add friendsplay multiplayer races as well as the career mode without having to pay a penny, and even unlock multiple characters.

This includes the various aspects of gameplay, multiple types of vehicles and a number of tracks are all available to players for free.

Pay to win

Unfortunately, much of the content in the game is held behind a pay wall. Firstly, the 200cc category is only available to those with the Gold Pass.

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Likewise, those who have subscribed to the Pass can unlock gold items and challenges, providing them with more resources to upgrade their karts. It's here that the true pay-to-win features show themselves.

Obviously, players can grind out results to try and keep progressing, but this is incredibly slow. In fact, players with karts that have been upgraded more start races with a higher score. It's easy to see how players are persuaded to put money into the game!

New Tour

The new tour landed today, and lasts until April 20th for all players of the game. This means there are two weeks for you to get playing and earn some big rewards.

This Tour, there are 255 total Grand Stars to collect in order to earn all the prizes, you’ll need to make sure you get racing.

This time, the Gold Pass offers some exciting incentives also, including 1,100 coins, 30 rubies, and 15 total item tickets over the free rewards.

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