Mario Kart Multiplayer - How to play, win more races & more!

A new Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour, and it has brought a number of new players to the game.

One of the best ways to play the game is with friends, or online in multiplayer.

So, here's how to play multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour, as well as some tips and tricks for mastering your racecraft!

How to play multiplayer

Multiplayer was actually added post launch, as the game initially only had singleplayer based gamemodes, with fewer characters also.

Mario Kart Tour Track
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NEW TRACKS: Mario Kart Tour has received a number of new circuits!

Now, however, multiplayer is one of the most popular ways to play. It allows players to play the game online, either with friends or against other players in casual and ranked modes.

To play online, make sure you've got an internet connection, and then it's as simple as selecting multiplayer from the main menu.

Win more races

Firstly, it's important to really nail the basics. That means skills like drifting, you should try to master now when you start playing. That includes mastering the boost that comes shortly after.

mario kart tour builder luigi
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FLY HIGH: Mario Kart Tour has a number of ways to race!

It's also important to select which shortcuts you use carefully. Many of them don't end up helping you progress!

Finally, learn the tracks. This will help you plan your route, which boosts to pick up, and which of those pesky shortcuts you should take.

New Tour

The new tour landed today and lasts until April 20th for all players of the game. This means there are two weeks for you to get playing, get those challenges done (like the pesky bamboo ones!) earn some big rewards.

mario kart tour grid
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GRID TIME: You’ll need to make sure you’re fast off the line!

This Tour, there are 255 total Grand Stars to collect in order to earn all the prizes, you’ll need to make sure you get racing.

This time, the Gold Pass offers some exciting incentives also, including 1,100 coins, 30 rubies, and 15 total item tickets over the free rewards.

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