Best Racing Games on Roblox

Best Roblox Racing Games

Best Roblox Racing Games

Roblox is one of the biggest games in the world, but what are the best racing games in Roblox?

Launched in 2006 for PC before coming to mobiles and Xbox One, Roblox is an online multiplayer platform that allows users to create their own custom games and play other people’s creations.

Most games are free-to-play for everyone, while some have optional in-game purchases. Whether you enjoy F1, drifting, or open-world cruising, Roblox has something for every racing fan.

These are our picks for the best racing games on Roblox you need to play right now!

Ion Formula Racing 2023

Ion Formula Racing 2023 offers a surprisingly authentic racing experience, featuring a first-person perspective, car damage, and even wheel support.

Although they are unlicensed, the Formula 1 cars feature hybrid systems, DRS, and tyre compounds like their real-life counterparts, with 20 teams to choose from. 

Ion Formula Racing 2023 Roblox
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They can be upgraded too, with the ability to customise aero setups and install more powerful engines. There are even different tyre compounds and fuel modes available, just like we see in the real-life races.

Combine this with a variety of circuits from around the world, and Ion Formula Racing 2023 is the closest you can get to experiencing Formula 1 in Roblox.

Midnight Racing: Tokyo

With a detailed open-world recreation of Tokyo featuring expressways and sweeping mountain passes, Midnight Racing Tokyo is one of the most technically impressive Roblox racing games.

You can challenge other players in races and drift battles to win money or cruise around the city, take in the sights, and socialise with friends.

Midnight Tokyo Racing Roblox
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There are also over 140 tunable cars, most of which are inspired by Japanese tuner cars like the legendary Nissan Skyline, Subaru Impreza, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Advanced customisation options allow you to install body kits, change paint colours, or upgrade performance parts, and the car handling has a surprising amount of depth.

Midnight Racing Tokyo is still work-in-progress, but if the demo is anything to go by this will be an essential Roblox racing game when development is finished.  

Vehicle Simulator

As the name suggests, Vehicle Simulator aims to be the most realistic driving simulator on Roblox.

Featuring an extensive vehicle roster from exotic sports cars to planes and yachts, Vehicle Simulator lets you loose in a large open-world city filled with streets, parks, forests, and even an airport to explore and perform crazy stunts.

Vehicle Simulator Roblox
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Vehicle Simulator also takes cues from Test Drive Unlimited. You can visit the Auto Tuner to modify your car’s appearance and performance or enter auto exhibitions.

While car handling in Roblox driving games often leaves a lot to desired, the driving in Vehicle Simulator feels smooth and responsive. This is one of the best pure driving experiences in Roblox, making it fun to cruise around the city and race with friends online.

Driving Empire

With thousands of active daily players, Driving Empire is one of the most popular Roblox racing games - and it's easy to see why.

It’s also one of the most graphically impressive, with a vast open world to explore, stunning scenery, and highly detailed car models.

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Driving Empire Roblox
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With over 250 vehicles from supercars to motorcycles and even boats, there’s a huge variety of vehicles to drive and customise, with new cars added in regular updates.

As well as racing, you can earn money to expand your car collection in speed trap bounties or by cruising with your friends and racking up the miles.

Drift Paradise

If you love drifting, Drift Paradise is the Roblox racing game for you. As the name suggests, Drift Paradise is all about mastering the art of driving sideways, precision drifting, and burning rubber until your smoking tyres beg for mercy.

Drift Paradise Roblox
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A steep learning curve means Drift Paradise is one of the most challenging driving games on Roblox, but the drift mechanics are incredibly satisfying and fun.

With updates adding timed events along with new cars and maps, regular new content helps keep Drift Paradise fresh.

Drive World

Drive World has been available on Roblox for over a year now, and it's been a very popular addition to the service's catalogue. Drive World is all about exploring and going as fast as possible while doing it.

There are so many cars to choose from and a large, varied world to explore.

Drive World - Roblox
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Taking on the biggest jumps, longest drifts and coming out on top in races against your friends in online multiplayer earns you money to spend on new cars and performance upgrades.

Arguably the game's most impressive feature is its customisation system, which includes tyres, exhausts and turbos, with more likely to be added in the near future as well as both the exterior and interior of the car.

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