BMW wants to turn your car into a games console

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Waiting for your BMW to charge is about to get more fun. BMW has partnered with AirConsole to bring in-car gaming to a range of new models from next year without the need for a game controller or dedicated console.

Play AirConsole games in your BMW

Launched in 2015, AirConsole is a cloud-based game console created by N-Dream. Running directly inside the in-car entertainment system, a large catalogue of multiplayer games can be streamed over-the-air – all you need is a smartphone to control them.

BMW AirConsole

“With AirConsole we will leverage innovative technologies combined with a broad variety of fun and multiplayer games. This will make every waiting situation inside the vehicle, such as charging, an enjoyable moment,” said Stephan Durach – Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company Development.

Connecting a smartphone to AirConsole is established by scanning a QR code. With the smartphone serving as a gamepad, players can then access a large catalogue of causal games across a range of genres.

For obvious safety reasons, the games are only playable when the vehicle is stationary.

BMW AirConsole

While you won't be playing Forza Horizon 5 or Gran Turismo 7 in your BMW, racing game fans are well-catered for. AirConsole has a range of multiplayer racing games from combat racers Burnin' Rubber 5 Air and Racing Wars to the cutesy karting game GoKartGo! Air! where you race as anthropomorphic animals.

BMW will integrate AirConsole into new models with the BMW Curved Display featuring the latest iDrive system from 2023.

Elon Musk wants to bring Steam games to Tesla cars

It’s a novel idea, but BMW isn’t the first manufacturer to integrate video games into car entertainment systems. Tesla Arcade, for example, lets play classic Atari games in cars like the Tesla Model 3 including the influential Pole Position – the first racing game to feature a real race track based on Fuji.


In fact, Elon Musk announced last month he is working to bring Steam games to Tesla cars.