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Chocobo GP Release date: When will the upcoming Final Fantasy racer come to Switch?

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After over 20 years, Chocobo is returning to consoles. The popular karting series hasn't seen a game released since its debut on the original PlayStation in 1999, but 2022 marks the year of its return. Nintendo have released several trailers for Chocobo GP, but what do we know about the game's release date?

Chocobo GP release date

After the announcement trailer in September, we were all wondering when Chocobo GP's release date would be confirmed. That news came just before the end of the year, as in December 2021, Nintendo released the release date trailer.

The release date trailer also revealed several single and multiplayer modes, as well as power-ups, characters and circuits.

Chocobo GP will be available worldwide on Nintendo Switch on 10th March 2022.


Despite there being two months to go until release, pre-orders aren't available yet for Chocobo GP.

Chocobo GP 2
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WAIT A LITTLE LONGER: Pre-orders aren't live just yet

Pre-orders will be available from the usual retailers like the Nintendo Store, Amazon and GAME in the UK. Depending on your country or territory, these providers will vary.

As for special editions, we haven't heard anything regarding this, but Nintendo don't tend to do these as prolifically as the PlayStation and Xbox games.


Despite some listings online, pre-orders aren't available for Chocobo GP. The price will be difficult to nail down until this, as Switch titles' RRP do vary a little.

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Therefore, we're thinking that the pre-order will cost between £44.99 and £49.99. Alternative versions will be potentially higher in price and in terms of the amount of content available.

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