Destruction Allstars: New update, Australian server, matchmaking fix & more!

Destruction Allstars has today received another small update for players to enjoy.

It seems this update is primarily a small patch to fix some issues in the game, as it is rather small.

So, let's take a look at the update today, what it fixes, the size of it, and more!

Destruction Allstars update

Today's update fixes a number of small bugs within the game, as the main patch notes explain.

Destruction AllStars gameplay
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GAMEPLAY TIME: The gameplay really has you on the edge of your seat!

One of the greatest changes is a new server for those in Australia, which now serves as a dedicated host for players in the region to connect to. No more high ping games anymore!

Your server can be changed from the options menu, so it's easy to select the one most suitable for you.

Another change is having to download the game fully before you can join a party. This is to prevent a crash related to players joining multiplayer matches too soon.

A number of other server crashes have been fixed also, improving online gameplay for all.

Update size

The update is out now for all players to get downloading, so get your systems on to get it installed.

Destruction Allstars Image 2 2
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ACTION TIME: The game can get pretty hectic!

The file is just 304 MB in size, so it shouldn't take too long at all to get it installed.

The nature of the update is just a small patch hence the size, so no further content has been added to the game.

Destruction Allstars

The game itself is an all-out arena-based demolition derby affair with non-stop action from start to finish.

Destruction Allstars Image 1
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PLAY TOGETHER: You can jump into multiplayer on Destruction Allstars!

With a plethora of different cars, characters, and abilities to use, the game also has something for everyone!

Even better, the game is still free for players on PS5 who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

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