Disney Speedstorm Season 5: Frozen Content Coming to Speedstorm!

Disney Speedstorm
Credit: Gameloft / Disney

Disney Speedstorm
Credit: Gameloft / Disney

Disney Speedstorm is continuing to get new content and the latest is Season 5. Season 5 brings with it a lot of content from the world of Frozen.

Frozen is one of the newer franchises in the Disney-Pixar catalogue, but has proven to be extremely popular since the first film released back in 2013.

What is included in Season 5, though? And when will it be available to Disney Speedstorm players? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Disney Speedstorm Season 5

With us heading into December and winter being upon us, it makes sense for Speedstorm to get some snowy content. Frozen is perfect for this, as you'll be able to race around the new snowy mountainous track inspired by the world of Frozen.

On the characters front, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff and Olaf are all prominently featured in the trailer, alongside new cars and outfits to collect.

Disney Speedstorm
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Credit: Gameloft / Disney

When it comes to the racing, there appears to be a new power-up that will send the energy of Sven the Reindeer to attack your opponents. You definitely won't want to be on the receiving end of this one!

Additional content from outside the world of Frozen will also be available in the form of Wall-E. Wall-E will be available in Speedstorm via a dedicated time limited event.

Disney Speedstorm Season 5 Trailer

If you're still not hyped for the Season 5 update, the below trailer will convince you otherwise. Speedstorm uploaded the Season 5 "Let It Go" trailer to their YouTube channel earlier today.

The release date for Season 5 is confirmed to be 30th November as well, so if it hasn't already arrived when you're reading this article, it's coming your way very soon!

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