Does Lego 2K Drive have split-screen?

A new challenger has arrived to try and steal the kart racing crown from Mario Kart, but does LEGO 2K Drive have split-screen local multiplayer?

Heated battles with friends in local multiplayer matches are a staple of kart racers, but this feature is less common in modern racers as developers prioritise online multiplayer.

If you’re wondering if LEGO 2K Drive has split-screen multiplayer, we’ve got you covered.

Does Lego 2K Drive have split-screen multiplayer?

LEGO 2K Drive’s mix of powerups, open-world exploration and transforming vehicles make it fun to play with friends. Up to six players can race and explore Bricklandia online, but what about local split-screen?

Does LEGO 2K Drive have split screen
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Fans of multiplayer kart racing will be pleased to know that LEGO 2K Drive does have split-screen multiplayer across all platforms. However, split-screen multiplayer in LEGO 2K Drive is limited to two players on the same platform.

Unfortunately, if you want to race with more than one player in split-screen, you’re out of luck. LEGO 2K Drive falls short of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, where up to four players can race on the same screen.

In local multiplayer, you can play the entire Story mode and explore Bricklandia in free roam with a friend. If you want to jump straight into a race or challenge, you can enter Cup Series, Race and Minigame events in split screen.

LEGO 2K Drive split-screen multiplayer
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Online multiplayer also supports cross-play on all platforms apart from Nintendo Switch with two extra modes.

Shared World lets you explore Bricklandia with up to five other players, but this doesn’t affect progress in Story mode unlike in local multiplayer. Play with Everyone mode, on the other hand, allow you to race online with other players around the world.

How to play LEGO 2K Drive split-screen multiplayer

To play LEGO 2K Drive in split-screen, you’ll need two controllers. Make sure both controllers are switched on.

How to play LEGO 2K Drive split-screen multiplayer
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The other player can join the game by pressing the Options button on the PlayStation controller or Menu button on the Xbox controller in the main menu.

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