DRIFTCE is a New Drift Simulator Sliding onto Consoles this Spring

DRIFTCE is a New Drift Simulator Sliding onto Consoles this Spring

DRIFTCE is a New Drift Simulator Sliding onto Consoles this Spring

Most modern racing games let you practice your sideways driving skills in separate drift modes. But dedicated drift games are surprisingly rare. One exception is DRIFT21.

Developed by Polish studio ECC Games (best known for Car Mechanic Simulator and GearShift), Drift 21 is renowned as one of the most realistic drift simulators. Now, a console version of Drift 21 is coming to consoles, renamed DRIFTCE (Drift Console Edition).

From the release date to platforms, here’s everything you need to know about DRIFTCE.

DRIFTCE announced for consoles

DRIFTCE puts you behind the wheel of one of 12 officially licensed drift cars from the Toyota AE86 best known for starring in Initial D do the Mazda MX5 and legendary BMW E46 M3. Other cars include the Nissan Silvia (S15), Ford Mustang, and Mazda RX7.

DRIFTCE screenshot
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Each car can be extensively customised with 1,800 replaceable components from engines and wheels to the suspension. Tweaking these components will help you build your dream drift car. You can also personalise your car by changing paint colours or adding body kits and decals.

As for locations, you’ll be burning rubber on over a dozen tracks including an accurate laser scan of Japan’s Mount Haruna along with returning tracks from DRIFT21.

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Single-player and online multiplayer modes for practising your drift skills include Career, Quick Race, Sandbox, Free Ride, Solo Run, Time Attack, and Gymkhana.


The first DRIFTCE trailer gives us a glimpse of the comprehensive customisation options and iconic drift cars in action. Watch the DRIFTCE trailer below:


While DRIFT21 was exclusive to PC, DRIFTCE is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. A console release will give the game a wider reach.

Release date

There’s no firm release date, but publisher 505 Games has confirmed that DRIFTCE is sliding onto consoles this Spring.

Pre-order DRIFTCE

Pricing details are not confirmed yet, but you can pre-order DRIFTCE on PlayStation via the PlayStation Store. Xbox pre-orders are also coming soon.

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