Driving Empire Codes (September 2023): Gain free cash

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Driving Empire codes
Credit: Voldex

There are plenty of great racing games on the Roblox platform but few offer such an expansive experience as Driving Empire does.

Featuring a vast array of cars, with everything from beaten-up sedans to turbocharged supercars present, players can build up their collections, customize to their heart's content, and then pit them against others in a race to the top.

However, to get your hands on the game's many cars you will have to get cash. This can be earned by exploring and competing in races, but there is another - quicker way - to get the money you need and that's by using Driving Empire codes.

What are Driving Empire codes?

Driving Empire codes are released by the developers after certain community milestones are complete and offer a one-time cash boost, perfect for the down payment on the latest Henry Poison T (think Aston Martin).

Driving Empire screenshot
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Credit: Voldex

Below we list all the working Driving Empire codes and show you how to use them.

Working Driving Empire codes (September 2023)

Here are all the working Driving Empire codes as of 22 September 2023.

  • 800kLIKES – Claim code for 25k cash (new!)
  • 750KLIKES – Claim code for 50k cash
  • 700KL1KES – Claim code for 50k cash
  • 650KL1KES – Claim code for 50k cash
  • 700MV1SITS – Claim code for 50k cash
  • 600kL1kes – Claim code for 50k cash

Expired Driving Empire codes

Here are all the expired Driving Empire codes as of 22 September 2023.

  • 550kLIK3S - Redeem for 50k Cash
  • 500kLik3s - Redeem for Bedazzled Wrap
  • 450KL1KES - Redeem for 25k Cash
  • ROBLOX - Redeem for Roblox Rim
  • SPOOKFEST2022 - Redeem for 75 Candies and Candy Wrap
  • SRY4D3L4Y - 100,000 cash
  • EMPIRE - 100,000 Cash
  • MEMBERS - 60K Cash
  • VALENTINES - 25K Cash
  • SPR1NGTIME - 25k cash
  • C4N4D4 - Canada Day Wrap
  • BIRD100K - 50k cash
  • OopsMyBadLol - 150k cash
  • HNY22 - 45,000 cash
  • THANKS150M - 150k cash
  • H4LLOW33N - Skulls car wrap
  • SP00KY - 666 pumpkins
  • BURRITO - 30k cash
  • N3WD3AL3R - 45,000 cash
  • N3WCITY - 75,000 cash
  • BOOST - 50,000 cash
  • W1NT3R - snowflake wrap
  • D3LAY - 70,000 cash
  • Cameras - Chevy Camera S car
  • SUMM3R - 2016 Portch Rover car
  • C4N4D4 - Canada-themed wrap
  • SPR1NG - two spring-themed wraps
  • COMMUNITY - 125,000 cash
  • SUPPORT - 100,000 cash
  • 3ASTER - cash and an exclusive wrap
  • 90MVISITS - 25,000 cash
  • CHARGEDUP - 2020 Charger Fastcat car
  • BACK2SKOOL - 75,000 cash
  • 100MVISITS
  • HNY2021

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How to redeem Driving Empire codes

To redeem Driving Empire codes, follow the instructions below:

  1. Start up Driving Empire via the game's Roblox page.
  2. Click on the settings icon found at the bottom left of the screen (it looks like a bolt).
  3. Enter one of the working Driving Empire codes from above.
  4. Click "submit".
  5. You will now find your cash reward in your inventory!

Where to get more Driving Empire rewards

If you want more Driving Empire codes, the best place to look is right here.

We regularly check for new codes, updating the list above.

Driving Empire screenshot
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Credit: Voldex

If you want to find them as soon as they are released, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on the game developer's Twitter account and the Driving Empire Discord.

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