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Farming Simulator 22 Xbox: OUT NOW, gameplay, price & more!

Farming Simulator is a love it or hate it title, and joins the likes of Euro Truck Simulator or the massively popular SnowRunner in the simulation genre.

For those that do in fact love the games, a new one is on the way, and it's arriving at the end of 2021.

So, let’s take a look at the game now, and what users on the Xbox One can expect from the agricultural title!

Farming Simulator 22

A number of trailers have now been released, showcasing all that the game will have to offer.

FS22 PS4 1
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One of the biggest additions this year is seasons, which were previously only available in the way of mods. As such, they were also only available on PC.

After nearly a 3 year wait for a new title, fans are more than ready for a new playing experience to sink their teeth into. Considering the number of new features on the way, the game will feel incredibly different!

Xbox One

Excitingly, we know the title is releasing on the Xbox One, despite being a new release. This means that those who haven't managed to bag themselves a Series X just yet won't be too disappointed.

FS22 PS4 2
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It is likely that certain features for the title on the Xbox One will be slower or at a lower graphical quality. The Xbox One doesn’t boast the same hardware as the Xbox Series X or a high-end gaming PC, so this is to be expected.

As such, expect normal loading times, or slightly longer than usual, as many of the features will be tailored toward powerful hardware.

Release date

As with each of the Farming Simulator titles, the game’s title reflects the year following its release. Similarly, we can use the game’s previous release dates to estimate a window for the new game’s release.

The same is true this time, and the game will be with us on November 22 of this year. That means fans of the franchise have just over a month to wait.

There are also plenty of trailers for you to check out, as we mentioned. These demonstrate everything from new gameplay elements to the design behind the trailers themselves!

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