How Power Cores will work in Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing looks like Rocket League with golf. It's an unavoidable comparison - and that’s no bad thing. After all, Rocket League is one of the most popular sports games in the world right now and could do with some competition.

Like in Rocket League, you drive, jump, and flip turbo-powered cars while slamming a giant ball. But unlike Rocket League, there’s a racing element. In Turbo Golf Racing, you compete against up to seven other players online or offline, resulting in a mad dash to the final hole.

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Power Cores also add a welcome layer of strategy to get the edge over rivals. These power-ups grant you special abilities, whether it’s a speed boost or the ability to hit the ball further. Ahead of Turbo Golf Racing’s launch on Steam Early Access, developer Hugecalf Studios has revealed every Power Core in Turbo Golf Racing.

Power Cores in Turbo Golf Racing activate either Passive or Active abilities. Passive Cores give you “always on” bonuses such as magnetising the ball towards your car, while Active Cores are activated with a button press. These range from increasing or decreasing the size of the ball to quicker boosts and dash moves.

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Up to two Power Cores can be activated at the same time: you can select one Active and one Passive ability or two Passive skills. This encourages experimentation, as the right combination can give you an advantage or defend you from attacks. 

11 Power Cores will be available at launch, unlocked by completing Solo or online challenges. Hugecalf Studios plans to add more Power Cores in future updates as well as new tracks, items, and Seasons.

Active Cores

  • Magnet: Magnetises the ball towards your car
  • Quick Flip: Performs a quick flip or roll to gain speed
  • Shock: Creates a short-range shockwave which pushes your ball away from your car

Passive Cores

  • Big Ball: Increases the size of your ball
  • Curve Ball: Adds more spin to your ball, making it travel with more of a curve
  • Small Ball: Decreases the size of your ball
  • Spring Ball: Increases the bounciness of your ball
  • Straight and Steady: Removes spin from your ball, making it travel straighter
  • Double Dash: Allows the car to dash twice whilst airborne
  • Hot Head: Increases boost power, but depletes your boost bar faster
  • Sand Master: Car will not be slowed by bunkers

Pre-install on Game Pass

Turbo Golf Racing will tee-off on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on 4 August and will retail for £14.99/€ 17.99/$17.99. It will also be available on Game Pass from day one.

To get a head start, Game Pass subscribers can pre-install Turbo Golf Racing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC right now.

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