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Attention sim racers: Simracing.GP is offering a chance to win exciting prizes in the one-of-a-kind Drive2Win competition. And all you need to do is race for a chance to win.

We’ve got everything you need to know about the Drive2Win competition and how you can get involved in this unique tournament. This hub will be continually updated with all the latest news and events.

Latest News: July 2024 update

The Drive2Win Tournament by Simracing.GP is in full swing, offering sim racers the chance to earn points by racing and sharing setups in popular racing titles like Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom, and Automobilista 2. Running from June 17th, 2024, to September 7th, 2024, the tournament has seen fierce competition with many drivers and communities aiming for the top spots.

Current Standings

Top Drivers

As of now, the top three drivers leading the leaderboard are:

  1. Emanuel L. - 483 SGP Points
  2. Daniel G. - 350 SGP Points
  3. Angelo M. - 326 SGP Points
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In total, 100 drivers have achieved eligibility for prizes by collecting at least 50 points through racing and/or setup sharing. To secure a place on the prize-winner list, drivers need to either complete 5 races with at least one win or participate in 6 races.

Community Leaderboard

The community standings are also heating up, with the following groups leading the pack:

1. Zodiac Racing Community (ZRC) - 2645 SGP Points

2. Indo-Pacific Endurance Simulation Challenge - 2300 SGP Points

3. North American Sim Racing Series (NASRS) - 2285 SGP Points

4. Sim Race South Africa - 1730 SGP Points

5. Logistical Nightmare - 1175 SGP Points

6. - 1020 SGP Points

7. ARC | American Racing Club's - 600 SGP Points

8. Formula Student - 590 SGP Points

9. Zero Delta Racing - 310 SGP Points

10. Liga Costarricense de Deportes Electrónicos - 280 SGP Points

11. Ceylon Motor Sports Club - 275 SGP Points

12. WTAC World Trophy Assetto Club - 250 SGP Points

13. FRS - 115 SGP Points

New Drive2Win season events announced

Here comes the new batch of races to take us through to mid-August. All of these will give you Drive2Win points! Remember, Rookies races run at 7pm UK on a Frankfurt server.

Everything else runs at 7pm China (Hong Kong server) / 7pm East Europe (Frankfurt server) / 7.30pm UK (Dublin server) / 7pm New York (US East server).

Drive2Win events July 15th - August 11th
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Drive2Win events July 15th - August 11th
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SGP12 Registration Now OPEN

Our friends at RacingStronger are helping us put together this event on ACC around Imola, including live stewarding, a stream, and much more. RacingStronger is an organisation focused on sharing the mental health benefits of sim racing and providing a safe space for sim racers to open up.

Registration for this event is now open and you can REGISTER HERE for this race on August 31.

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Registration closes on August 26, with teams to be completed on Simracing.GP by August 28. Qualifying is on Friday August 30 at 7pm BST with the race starting on Saturday August 31 at 10am BST.

Other info

  • Teams of 2-4 drivers
  • Stint time of 55 mins
  • Limited to 10 tyre sets on Saturday (race day)
  • Dry weather expected throughout but might be fairly warm
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  • Custom liveries will be accepted
  • Rules will be posted later this week
  • Event will count for 2x Drive2Win points

What is Drive2Win?

Drive2Win is a one-of-a-kind competition open to all sim racers in Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom Racing Experience, and Automobilista 2. During the three-month tournament, the top 100 drivers can win prizes by earning points in their favorite racing simulations.

How do you enter?

Drivers can earn points for Drive2Win by simply racing in any SGP event between June 17 and September 8. As long as you enter an event hosted on SGP’s servers, you can win!

Every race hosted on SGP during the competition period counts towards the final leaderboard. Here's how the points system works.

Drive2Win points
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Finishing a race earns you 10 points, with the race winner awarded an extra five points for victory. On top of that, setup creators will earn an extra point every time someone downloads their setup.

Special events throughout the competition, from double-point weekends to community events with bonus-point weeks, will also offer opportunities to win extra points.

Special events

From double-point weekends to community events with bonus-point weeks, there are many opportunities to win bonus points in Drive2Win.

July 6

Assetto Corsa Drive2Win spcecial event
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Take part in a full distance battle at Silverstone on July 6. Drive2Win's first double points special event sees two amazing Assetto Corsa F1 mods fly around Silverstone. Choose either the VRC Formula Alpha 2023 or the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 and settle in for 52 laps of fast-paced racing.

Sign up today here.

What can you win?

At the end of the competition, the top 100 drivers will win a global gift card from GoGift. This can either be converted into gift cards to spend on anything you want at hundreds of worldwide retailers such as Amazon, Steam, Mcdonald's, Spotify, and Target, or transferred to a pre-paid card that can be used anywhere.

Drive2Win prize
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Drive2Win doesn’t only reward solo racers either. Additionally, the top three communities where drivers collect the most SGP points will also be awarded prizes.

Drive2Win rules & sporting regulations

For the full rules and sporting regulations of the Drive2Win competition, see here.

What is Simracing.GP?

Simracing.GP is an online sim racing platform that makes it easy to find online races in your favorite racing simulators, build communities and leagues, and create professional esports tournaments.

Simracing GP
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Series tools allow you to create custom championships with complex point structures in minutes, with access to thousands of robust servers powered by Amazon Web Service.

Race organizers can create unique tournament formats, from 24-hour endurance races to pro esports competitions, with the ability to track results, standings, and driver performance.

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