SnowRunner: 3 best vehicles for Amur, Russia

The most recent DLC expansion for SnowRunner has brought another challenging Russian region to the game. Amur heads the game's Phase Four rollout and has four subregions in its borders. The Urska River, Cosmodrome, Northern Aegis Installation and Chernockamensk all bring with them unique challenges in SnowRunner.

Choosing the correct vehicle for environments as varied as these is no mean feat. Never fear though, we're here to help with our three favourites for the job in the Russian tundra.

3 - Caterpillar 745C

Just like in Lake Kovd in the Kola Peninsula, the Caterpillar 745C is a very handy vehicle to have in Russia. Fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability aren’t anywhere the best available in SnowRunner, but the CAT more than makes up for these with its unrivalled ability to get through the deepest snow and thickest mud.

Snowrunner Caterpillar CAT 745C
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POWEEEER!!! Nothing can stop this beast of a vehicle

You won't be encountering too many frozen lakes/ rivers in Amur, but when you do, the 745C is one of the few vehicles that can rescue itself from icy waters. This is hugely handy, as normally this all but ends your mission with most other vehicles.

The CAT does have some downsides though, namely, its ability to get over rocks both small and large. The big nose on the 745C often snags against rocky surfaces and is difficult to fit through tight heavily forested areas. However, like the frozen lakes, you shouldn't be seeing too much of them here.

2 - TUZ 420

Like the CAT, the TUZ 420 is a beast off-road thanks to its incredibly beefy tyres. Of which, the 420 has eight of them, making it extremely adept at ploughing through snow and over the biggest of boulders.

TUZ 420 SnowRunner
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LITERALLY A TANK: This bad boy wouldn't look out of place in a war zone

With a 300L fuel tank, it can go far and wide without refuelling, which makes the TUZ ideal for exploring the Siberian map. The only thing that can stop this monster is water, and it has to be pretty deep even then.

Thanks to its powerful pulling capabilities, the TUZ 420 can manage most of the heavy loads you'll find in SnowRunner. It's probably the best all-round vehicle for Amur, but there is one which could beat it.

1 - ZIKZ 605R

When this truck got announced, we pondered whether it would be the new King in town when it arrived in SnowRunner. It certainly looks as though the ZIKZ 605R is one of, if not the, best vehicles in the game and our favourite for Amur.

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THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE KING: The 605R is the undisputed King in Amur

There isn't any other vehicle that has this truck's off-road ability while also being able to carry all manner of loads, both big and small. The massive tyres make mincemeat of the snow, ice and mud you'll need to traverse, as well as the rocky terrain.

While it's not the most manoeuvrable, it is handier than the CAT we had earlier in the list. When it comes to rescue missions too, nothing is better, which comes hugely in handy when you get to the Cosmodrome.

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