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SnowRunner: Is there a new King in town with Season 4?

SnowRunner is an awesome simulation title and has certainly got us sinking a fair few too many hours into growing our garage of trucks.

Excitingly, Phase 4 is arriving and brings with it a plethora of new content for us as players to enjoy.

One of these additions is a new truck. Let's take a look at this now and see if this new arrival in town is the truck to have!

The Zikz 605R

Thanks to the Public Test Server which gave everyone in-progress access to Phase 4's contents, we've had an early look at the incoming Zikz 605R.

SR 605R
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Many have claimed that the new truck could takeover as 'The King of SnowRunner'. So, let's see how it fairs in-game, and what we think of the monstrous 8x8.

The truck isn't the fastest in the game, with slow acceleration and a rather low top speed. However, you won't be the slowest, which is a blessing in these Heavy Trucks.

It's also incredibly well-equipped for offroad. Mud and water don't phase the 605, in part thanks to it's awesome tyres which will take on anything.

The truck is also great for towing, and has immense power. You won't find many slopes too challenging regardless of the weight you've got behind you (within reason of course).

So, it ticks all the boxes, even beating many previous best-in-class's. With the full update landing 18 May, it remains to be seen what the community as a whole thinks of the title's latest arrival.

Phase 4

The new Phase in SnowRunner lands Tuesday, May 18, following a short while as available in a Play Test Server so players could see what the update contains.

SR Tayga 1
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It also allowed players to stress-test the new content, so the update should land with relatively few hitches.

With brand-new content like the Zikz 605R arriving, we're excited to get hands-on with Phase 4 again!

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