SnowRunner Year 2 Pass Confirmed, new DLC - Seasons 5-8 revealed, release date, contents, roadmap, & more!

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Exploring the great open wilderness is never dull in SnowRunner, especially when new content keeps arriving in the game.

The game has arrived on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass, so the sim title is going from strength to strength. Season 5 should only help further that strength.

Its run of new content will continue for at least the next 12 months, as the Year 2 Pass has been confirmed. So let's take a look at what we know so far about Season 5, and when we can expect it!

Latest news - Season 5 arrives!

Release date for Season 5 is finally here. Build & Dispatch has added two new areas to the Don region, as well as two new trucks to master.

Check out the full patch notes for more!!

Year 2 roadmap

The team released a roadmap on Twitter giving us an idea of what to expect, and a rough idea when.

Season 5

Seaosn 5 is set in Autumnnal West Russia, with two new Tatra trucks joining the crew.

Players will be charged with restoring a Tatra factory. Couple this new content with dynamic ramp add-ons, you'll have plenty to stick your teeth into.

Season 6

This season will add a new American region and new vehicles and requires players to develop a new logging operation.

You'll be in a completely undeveloped area, with limited supplies, so use them carefully!

Season 7

Season 7 is for those competitors amongst you.

There are a number of tracks and timed courses for players to compete in, with a brand new off-road tournament map.

Season 8

Year 2 finishes with a second huge expansion.

This will add a new region, new vehicles, new activities, and even a new mode. Excitingly, we'll get to hear about this brand new mode soon.

Year 2 Pass price

As per usual, the most important thing with any season pass like this is the price tag!

Steam and Epic both have the Year 2 Pass priced at £20.99. That's a pretty reasonable £5.25 per season of content.

SnowRunner 2
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A TRUCK HAULING A TRUCK: SnowRunners don't ask questions about the job they have to do!

Along with the ability to grab the Year 2 Pass right now, the names of the next four seasons have been revealed too. Let's take a look.

Future content

The description on the gaming stores is full of promise for fans of the title.

"Expand your SnowRunner experience with the Year 2 Pass and gain access to four phases of new content released in the future, with new vehicles, new maps, add-ons, and more!"

New vehicles and new maps, that's quite the offering. SnowRunner Season 4 has introduced 12km2 of new maps to the game and poses some serious challenges for seasoned players. The news that Focus Home Interactive will continue to generate fresh obstacles for veteran and new players alike is very welcome.

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A DIRTY JOB: But someone has to do it

The future seasons will be:

• Season 5: Build & Dispatch• Season 6: Haul & Hustle• Season 7: Compete & Conquer• Season 8: New Expansion

We expect the Seasons to continue on their three-month cycle. With Season 5 arriving in mid-August, Season 6 in mid-November, Season 7 in mid-February, and finally Season 8 in mid-May.

By which point we will get a Year 3 Pass... right?

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